Is the Business World Ready for DNS Over HTTPS (DoH)? 

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EDR vs. Managed Antivirus—Which Solution is for You?

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Social Engineering Beyond the Inbox

Not all cyberattacks require high-tech wizardry to pull off. Attack vectors requiring technical knowledge certainly do occur, but a good portion of cyberattacks begin with simple social engineering.  The most common form of social engineering is phishing. However, it’s not the only form. In this blog, we’ll talk about phishing and several other forms of social engineering. But first, let’s … [Read more...]

What Is an SLA? 7 Best Practices for an MSP’s Service Level Agreement

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IT Help Desk vs. Service Desk Differences Explained

IT help desk vs. IT service desk is a comparison that many managed service providers (MSPs) may find themselves making as they identify the types of services they will offer. While it’s not uncommon for these two solutions to be thought of as the same thing, there are some key differences between them. This guide will help define both an IT help desk and an IT service desk and explain how MSPs can … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Partner Perspectives with Corsica Technologies

Partner Perspectives host Colin Knox welcomes Corsica Technologies CRO, David Powell, to the series. Corsica Technologies has a rich history of not only serving a diverse customer base, but helping MSPs thrive.  Read More … [Read more...]

VIDEO: WFH—What Happens Next?

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EDR vs. Managed Antivirus: What You Need to Know

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June 2020 Patch Tuesday Update—Highest CVE count in history

The June patch Tuesday release is another heavy one, meaning the research community keeps finding more vulnerabilities and Microsoft continues to step up and knock them down. In total, 128 unique CVE numbers were fixed—the highest so far. Of those, 11 are marked “Critical” across operating systems, browsers, and one in SharePoint. There are also some very notable “Important” vulnerabilities to pay … [Read more...]

The Importance of Communications Skills in Security

You’re a technical expert—you live and breathe the IT field. Whether you’re a technician spending your days solving IT problems or a business owner spending your time on development, odds are you’re more well-versed in technical jargon and know-how than your customers will ever be. But because of that—to get customers on board and behaving the way you want them to—you need more than your technical … [Read more...]