The Ins and Outs of Security Awareness Training

One of your customers’ employees logs into their computer. They get an email from someone claiming to be their IT service provider, saying they must reset their password immediately (even though there wasn’t any warning beforehand). They click a link without checking the destination URL, go to a phishing site, and enter the credentials for their email. The criminal now has access to their email … [Read more...]

Recapping This Year’s RSA Conference

Started in 1991 and held in San Francisco, the RSA conference is one of the premier cybersecurity events worldwide. Read More … [Read more...]

What to Look for When Choosing a Password Management Solution

In today’s IT environments, having a password manager is essential. There are so many different devices attached to modern networks that no one could memorize the access credentials for them all. In addition to that, storing everything in an Excel document has been shown time and again to be far from the most secure way to protect such an important set of assets.  Read More … [Read more...]

SolarWinds Awarded Four Stevie Awards

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Cloud SIEM Solutions

Today’s enterprises face rapidly evolving threats to their cybersecurity at a moment in which they rely on their IT infrastructure more than ever. Read More … [Read more...]

SIEM Correlation Rules Overview

As enterprises contend with mounting threats to their cybersecurity, the pressure is on managed services providers (MSPs) to leverage sophisticated tools to protect their clients’ networks, systems, and sensitive information. To do so, an increasing number of MSPs are turning to security information and event management (SIEM) tools that can aggressively monitor digital environments for … [Read more...]

Are You Ready to Sell a Layered Security Offering?

Selling layered security is an extremely important component of today’s managed services offerings. A lot of our partners tell us their customers are asking for more advanced security protection; therefore, it's critical that we set out some of the different ways you can sell different levels of security to your customers. It’s also important to understand how to manage the process around selling … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Office 365 Email Security Best Practices

How good is your Office 365 email security? Every company that uses this popular suite of cloud-based productivity applications should be asking themselves this question. Cloud-based services are also vulnerable to malware insertion, and … [Read more...]

The Hidden Effects of a Data Breach: What We Can Learn from The Past

I really think we need to look at history as an indicator of the future.   It’s the worst call a C-suite executive can get: A panicked IT technician tells you that your records have been compromised. Customer information may be out in the wild, and there’s nothing you can do to get it back. You know that there will be financial implications, but the dangers are unlikely to end … [Read more...]

How to Assess and Improve Your Office 365 Security Scorecard

One major reason cloud-based file storage systems are so popular among enterprises is that they free IT teams from having to store, manage, and protect that data on their own internal servers. Unfortunately, that same benefit can translate into a considerable downside as responsibility for hosting this data goes to cloud providers—as does control over how it’s secured. Read More … [Read more...]