January 2021 Patch Tuesday: One Actively Exploited Vulnerability and a Few Likely to Be

Here we are in a new year and Microsoft has released their first set of patches. This month we continue the recent trend of less than 100 vulnerabilities fixed by Microsoft. While there are some critical vulnerabilities (and one that will get fixed without you having to deploy a patch), I was still struck by how few critical fixes were included this month.  Read More … [Read more...]

TAP Blog Series: Maximizing Your Service Delivery Opportunity

One of the biggest challenges facing managed services providers (MSPs) is balancing internal teams and associated skill sets with the services they want to offer. One way many MSPs augment their internal team is by partnering with third-party companies.  Read More … [Read more...]

Why Do MSPs Choose SolarWinds Backup? IT Central Station Finds Out

Managed services providers (MSPs) that handle backup and restore for their clients are finding solutions that drive increased efficiency yield higher profits for their businesses. The efficiency arises in terms of resource and bandwidth use, as well as in time spent on administrative tasks. Read More … [Read more...]

Seven Features Remote Assistance Software Should Have

Remote support software is a key tool for any good managed services provider (MSP), allowing technicians to resolve technical issues and troubleshoot for customers from a distance. In many ways, remote support software (or remote assistance software) is becoming even more critical as remote working becomes the norm due to social distancing and other COVID-19 mandates, making physical support … [Read more...]

Why Automation Should be Part of Your Sales Pitch

When I talk to MSPs, I like to learn more about their operations by asking questions. MSPs come in all shapes and sizes, and each one seems to have a different answer to my questions.  For example, I recently spoke with a group of partners and asked them, ‘’How do you handle automation in your new customer sales pitch?” I got a variety of different answers in response.  Read More … [Read more...]

December 2020 Patch Tuesday—A quiet(er) finish to a busy year in vulnerabilities

This is the final Patch Tuesday of 2020, a year full of 100+ vulnerabilities fixed in almost every month. As with many things in December, it is a little quieter. There were roughly half as many vulnerabilities this month, and none that have active attacks or require emergency patching; I am sure that comes as a relief to many of you as things start to wind down for the holidays. Read More … [Read more...]

How Email Archiving Can Help Move You Toward SOX Compliance

Today, public organization and private enterprise employees communicate over more platforms and media types than ever before. From email and instant messaging to social media posts and text messages, teams conduct business over a wide array of channels—raising questions about regulatory compliance and proper storage.  Read More … [Read more...]

Documentation Management API and Why It’s Important for the MSP Business

Effectively managing IT documentation can be a headache for managed services providers (MSPs). Keeping good records is an essential part of an MSP’s job. It ensures every tech has access to all relevant customer notes and setup documentation, which allows them to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. As MSPs operate in multi-software environments and service multiple customers, keeping track of … [Read more...]

What Is FIPS-140-2 Standard and When Is It Required?

FIPS-140 is an important part of any successful security management system or—in the case of managed services providers (MSPs)—any IT security offering. Because of its critical role in security, it is essential that MSPs have a comprehensive understanding of the FIPS-140 standard, the different levels associated with it, and why it is important.  This guide will help you understand FIPS-140, … [Read more...]

TAP Blog Series: Multi-SaaS Management—The Time for Next Generation Remote Management Has Arrived

Everyone in the IT world, especially service providers, knew that digital transformation was in motion, but before this year it seemed (for the most part) to be moving at a relatively comfortable pace. Nobody expected the boost Covid-19 would give it. Before the advent of digital transformation, everyone from small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to enterprise-level organizations operated in … [Read more...]