Do you need to learn PowerShell? And how should you learn it?

When I talk to our MSP partners about using automation in their RMM platform, I often hear comments like: “But we don’t have any scripting/coding experience. We can’t do this.” This isn’t 100% accurate with the SolarWinds MSP platforms, as Automation Manager takes a lot of the coding away. You only need to understand the basics of scripting.  Read More … [Read more...]

How Do You Help Customers Keep Important Documentation?

As companies invest in their digital transformation, document management is an essential area of attention. From customer records and corporate documents to tax information and financial statements, today’s businesses face a deluge of paperwork that’s significantly more cost-efficient to move to their digital infrastructure. Read More … [Read more...]

August 2020 Patch Tuesday—No Emergencies but Plenty to Review

This Patch Tuesday follows the 2020 trend of 100+ vulnerabilities, but unlike last month, no major alarm bells to sound. August brings us fixes for 120 unique vulnerabilities, with 17 of them listed as “Critical,” with 97 listed as “Important.” Only a handful are listed as “Low” or “Moderate.” There are, however, a few listed as “Exploitation More Likely,” and one is listed as “Exploitation … [Read more...]

How to Ensure Your MSP Achieves Business Continuity in a WFH Era

As the modern workforce continues to become increasingly remote, managed services providers (MSPs) are likely encountering service challenges they haven’t faced before. Maintaining business continuity as well as continuity of service whilst implementing new work from home (WFH) policies isn’t easy. Read More … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget Cyberhygiene, Part 2 of 2: 5 More Tips on Keeping Customers Secure

An uncertain world can become a hotbed of cybercriminal activity. In situations like our current climate, users let their guards down and technicians have less control over customer environments as people work from home. The guardrails normally reducing companies’ cyber-risks start to disappear.  Read More … [Read more...]

How Do You Deal with A Ticket Tidal Wave

Sometimes it can feel like there’s a never-ending wave of tickets flooding your helpdesk. Why does it happen? Can you predict when it will come? What can you do in the middle of a ticket tidal wave? Read More … [Read more...]

Keeping Customers Secure at Home or on the Road

For years, security professionals have cautioned companies against relying on traditional perimeter-based defenses. Trends like the proliferation of mobile devices, employees working remotely, and IoT devices have made it clear that the old castle-and-moat model of protecting the corporate network in a building no longer applies.  Read More … [Read more...]

10 Reasons MSP Companies Need a Customer Self-Service Portal

It would be an understatement to say the … [Read more...]

9 Key Benefits Of Microsoft 365 Cloud Backup

The last few years have seen a significant increase in business’ reliance on Microsoft 365® (formerly known as Office 365), with the product quickly becoming the de facto standard. Read More … [Read more...]

Hidden Considerations When Shopping for RMM Platforms

Recently, we … [Read more...]