Why You Should Monitor Your Network All the Time

As a managed services provider (MSP), monitoring and managing your customer’s network is an important part of your business. No matter the size of the networks under your management, you can spend significant time and money on troubleshooting network-related issues. In order to improve your troubleshooting efficiency, it is imperative you have complete visibility into the networks you’re managing. … [Read more...]

SolarWinds MSP Earns 5-Star Rating in 2019 CRN Partner Program Guide

<p>SolarWinds MSP has been awarded a 5-star rating by&nbsp;<a href="http://www.crn.com/&quot; rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">CRN®</a>, a brand of&nbsp;<a href="http://www.thechannelco.com/&quot; rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">The Channel Company</a>, in the IT channel publication’s … [Read more...]

How to Handle Objections in Your Sales Process

We understand that a lot of managed services providers (MSPs) struggle with sales. In fact, most organizations struggle with sales to a point, and a big part of that is how you manage the sales methodology and process.  Read More … [Read more...]

Types of Database Encryption Methods

<p>With businesses storing more data than ever (both on-premises and in the cloud), effective database security has become increasingly important. For many businesses, this security might not go much further than access controls, but as a managed services provider (MSP), you likely know it’s not enough to protect data with basic security measures alone. Without a comprehensive plan, a great … [Read more...]

Information Security Framework Examples and Standards

It’s obvious that managed services providers (MSPs) provide technical support and management to protect their customers’ interests. But in a sense, it’s equally important that MSPs protect their customers through deliberately implementing and following the right information security frameworks. There are various security frameworks available for just about every size and type of business, and it … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Empower MSP Amsterdam Day 2 Roundup

Once again David Weeks and Marco Muto roundup the day's highlights from Empower MSP Amsterdam…   Read More … [Read more...]

7 Steps to Enhance Your SMB Cybersecurity 

Ignore the stereotype of sophisticated cybercriminals targeting billion-dollar businesses; most attacks are opportunistic, targeting not the wealthy or famous, but the unprepared. Read More … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Empower MSP Amsterdam Day 1 Roundup

Watch David Weeks and Marco Muto as they take a look back at the highlights of Day 1 from Empower MSP Amsterdam! Read More … [Read more...]

SolarWinds Expands Security Portfolio with SolarWinds Endpoint Detection and Response Through Partnership with SentinelOne

https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/?utm_medium=pr&utm_source=globenewswi… announced that it has expanded its security portfolio with SolarWinds® Endpoint Detection and Response through its partnership with  … [Read more...]

SIM Swapping: What to Know about This Disturbing Cyberattack

You’re sitting at your desk, and you decide to make a phone call. You’re choosing what to eat for lunch. You pick up your phone and decide you’re going to text a coworker to see where to go. Unfortunately, you don’t have a signal on your phone. You notice your phone displays an error stating there’s no SIM card.  Read More … [Read more...]