Email Security Education: Avoiding Ransomware 

Please note: For privacy reasons, the identity of the hacked accounts in the examples used for this blog have been changed or hidden. Read More … [Read more...]

Five Tips on How to Back Up and Restore a Linux Server

Even the most secure Linux system is still at risk of data loss. When it comes to any critical element of your organization, you can’t leave things to chance by operating without … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Partner Perspectives with NetEffect

Continuing the Partner Perspectives series, head of community, Colin Knox, talks with David Rounds, CEO of NetEffect, about how to not only manage more effectively, but thrive, in this era and beyond.  Read More … [Read more...]

The Importance of Desktop Maintenance

Desktop maintenance is one part of automation that is simple to set up but often overlooked. Automating desktop maintenance will help reduce the number of tickets you get by proactively ensuring settings are correctly configured, local accounts are present, the device is secure (by re-enabling User Access Control, aka UAC), and more.  Read More … [Read more...]

Benefits of Automating Password and Documentation Management

Effectively managing passwords and documentation can be two of the biggest headaches for managed services providers (MSPs).  Read More … [Read more...]

Protecting Customers from IOT Threats

Over the past few years, smart devices have proliferated rapidly. Traditional IT management brings some level of uniformity and predictability—there are only a certain number of workstations, servers, and mobile devices a team needs to manage. But with the sheer number of devices gaining chips—from watches to speakers to refrigerators—teams have to adapt their security approaches. Today, we’ll … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Partner Perspectives with DynaCom IT Support

In this first video in our new Partner Perspectives series—hosted by head of community, Colin Knox—Colin talks with Simon Beckett, managing director for DynaCom IT Support (a growing IT consultancy based in the UK) for some insights on the COVID-19 landscape for MSPs.  Read More … [Read more...]

Security Is Your Problem And Your Opportunity

You’re used to helping your customers with productivity and uptime. They want to make sure their networks run and their employees produce the results they need. And you deliver. For some of your customers, it’s the old reactive break/fix arrangement where they bring in a broken device and you fix it. But for many, you’re focused on monitoring and management to prevent these issues. And your bread … [Read more...]

How Efficiency Can Help You Prepare for Slow and Busy Times

Ups and downs are normal in any business environment, and thankfully managed IT services have been improved with the adoption of a subscription or recurring revenue model. However, we currently find ourselves in one of the most challenging times most businesses have ever been in—but this doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to help keep your MSP business going.  Read More … [Read more...]

4 Email Attachment Threats to Secure Systems From

Malicious emails remain some of the most common and destructive computer security threats faced by businesses today. According to … [Read more...]