Are CISOs in High Demand?

It seems as though the demand for CISOs in the job market today is higher than ever before. CISOs are demanding higher salaries and are being given more responsibility at board level. To find out just how in demand CISOs are, we sat down with Nathan Powell of Henderson Scott – recruitment specialists in IT – to ask for his expert opinion on cybersecurity and the demand for CISOs. So … Read … [Read more...]

The Biggest Piece Security Advice for CISOs in 2019

We recently interviewed Brian Contos, CISO and VP Technology Innovation at cybersecurity experts Verodin, to find out the one biggest piece of advice that CISOs need to take on board in 2019. Brian was an informative and entertaining guest on our CISOTalks podcast series and had the following to say regarding advice for CISOs: So What Advice Do You Have for CISOs? “In one word; proof. Make sure … [Read more...]

5 Assumptions CISOs Make That May Threaten Data Security

In many ways the cybersecurity market has been through a period of maturation and growth over the last few years. Broadsheet newspapers are running 10-page features on it, mainstream news programs are discussing it and board level executives are starting to take notice. In many ways, cybersecurity is now mainstream. However, there is a long way to go yet. Despite the role of the CISO and CIO being … [Read more...]

How CISOs Can Talk to the Rest of the Board About Data Security

We all know by now that cybersecurity isn’t just an IT problem. The dramatic effects a data breach can have on an organization, in terms of both reputation and damages from non-compliance, mean that everyone from the CMO to the CEO needs to be concerned about data security. One of the biggest problems organizations face is that their employees, particularly those with elevated privileges, … [Read more...]

What’s causing the cybersecurity skills gap?

The proliferation of next-gen technology into mainstream society has been a boon for consumers, entrepreneurs, and business owners alike. Between the rise of mobile computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and modern social media, our society is more connected than ever before. But all of this technology presents some new problems, too. According to recent studies, the number of companies that … [Read more...]

Skilled workers in Ireland could see up to a 15% wage increase in 2018

Ireland’s economy had another tremendous year of growth in 2017 with close to 40,000 jobs created with the assistance of Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland. According to the Central Statistics Office, the number of people in employment is approximately 2.2 million, close to the high experienced in 2007. According to Morgan McKinley’s 2018 Ireland Salary Guide, many professional workers can expect … [Read more...]