The First Steps with Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition for IT Administrators

Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition provides a wide range of helpful new features. Administrators have plenty of options for providing Parallels Desktop to new users. When employees need Windows on their Mac computer, the IT department must first install and configure Parallels Desktop on the clients and distribute and configure the Windows VM (including the application software) to those … [Read more...]

Parallels and Synnex Australia Announce Strategic Distribution Agreement

Parallels® has formed a new strategic distribution agreement with Synnex Australia, a leading IT solutions aggregator with a strong channel heritage in Australia. Synnex Australia now distributes Parallels’ solutions to more than 6,000 channel partners across the region so they can empower businesses to cost-effectively deploy virtual Windows desktops and apps to any device, seamlessly run Windows … [Read more...]

How Companies Can Benefit from Parallels Desktop during the Pandemic and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted both everyday life and company workflows. Long-standing processes have faltered or become useless as a result of site closures or reduced headcount. Companies are challenged by the fact that employees are unable to take home all of the necessary equipment from the office as there is often a shortage of mobile hardware. Desktop computers sit in the office … [Read more...]

MSPs, have you picked the right PSA for you yet?

Not long ago, we helped MSPs pick the right remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform for them, and make it an essential part of their service toolkit. As you may recall, an RMM is a tool that helps MSPs do the work. And what better way to track the work—and other elements associated with it—than to have professional service automation (PSA) software do it for you? “Do we really … [Read more...]

What Companies Appreciate from Big Sur, Apple’s Latest macOS Release

Mac users are not the only ones that were excited about the new macOS release, Big Sur. Organizations also benefit from several new features.  The new version’s reworked user interface is its most easily discernible difference. Program icons now have rounded corners, the Control Center menu for changing basic settings can be found in the upper right corner of your screen—that would … [Read more...]

How Are Companies Addressing the Growing macOS Market Share?

As of November 2020, macOS holds a 7.31% share of the operating system (OS) market, compared to 5.79% almost two years ago. Over the same period, Windows’ share of the market saw a more than 3% decline.[1] It’s likely that the increasing use of Mac devices in business may have helped fuel this growth. For example, IBM revealed in late 2018 that it added over 277,000 Mac devices as well as iOS … [Read more...]

How to Simplify the Publishing Mobile Apps with Parallels Desktop Business Edition

Publishing mobile apps in one of the large app stores such as Google, Apple and Microsoft is a complex process. Parallels® Desktop for Mac Business Edition is an easy to use and fully customizable platform that simplifies mobile apps publishing.   Why publishing mobile apps is challenging  Publishing mobile apps is an important process. It’s a fundamental component of the successful … [Read more...]

Learn How Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition Supports Agile Working

The terms flexible working and agile working are often used interchangeably, but there are some subtle differences that make the two unique. In a nutshell, flexible working refers primarily to flexibility around working hours, while agile working focuses on removing boundaries to getting work done as efficiently as possible.  In this blog, we’ll focus on agile working. Agile, aka “smart … [Read more...]

How to Restrict a Virtual Machine Configuration with a Custom Password

The Parallels Desktop TM for Mac Business Edition allows you to restrict the virtual machine configuration by setting a custom password. Read on to learn how you can set a custom password for added security and prevent unauthorized users from modifying the virtual machine configuration.  How to restrict virtual machine configuration in Parallels Desktop for Mac Business … [Read more...]

Windows 10 On Chromebook With Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise

Chromebooks have become increasingly popular with remote-first companies because they are portable, low-priced and have a super-fast sandboxed OS. However, unlike the Windows OS, you cannot install third-party software or legacy applications—all the applications you use must come from the Google Play Store or Chrome Web Store.  For some third-party applications, though, you can use online … [Read more...]