What is business continuity and why is it so important?

The ever-present threat of cyber crime and organisations’ increasing reliance on technology means that business disruptions are inevitable these days. Any day now, your systems could be breached or your physical premises disrupted by criminals, inattentive employees or damaged infrastructure.  When that day comes, you can’t afford to be caught … [Read more...]

Drought and the importance of business continuity

Like many European countries, Ireland is currently experiencing some of the warmest weather in recent history. Although many of us are enjoying the heatwave, it also brings with it serious problems. Parts of Ireland have experienced little to no rainfall over the past three weeks, and combined with exceptionally high temperatures, there has been a severe drop in the water levels in lakes and … [Read more...]

Unsure about implementing a BCMS? Here are a few things you should know

Business continuity is more important than ever. Security incidents are so widespread that it’s impossible to tackle them all, and sooner or later disaster will strike. When that time comes, you’ll need a system to mitigate the damage and ensure that mission-critical functions continue to operate. Although most organisations are starting to recognise the importance of such measures, some remain … [Read more...]

Breach at Norway’s largest healthcare authority was a disaster waiting to happen

More details have emerged on the data breach at Norway’s largest healthcare authority, in which up to 3 million people may have had their data stolen. The attack on Helse Sør-Øst RHF (Health South-East) appears to have focused on patient records and the health service’s relationship with Norway’s armed forces. AldriMer reported that the criminal hackers were looking for information related to … [Read more...]