Is your network bandwidth used properly?

Is your network bandwidth used properly? Nowadays we hear a lot “I don’t know why it’s taking so long to load the webpage”, “what’s happening to my connection” and the list can be infinite. In most cases, when users complain that their network is slow, there is a high chance the network bandwidth is overloaded. […] … [Read more...]

What’s the difference between WAN optimization and WAN acceleration?

This is a trick question! Technically, there is not a difference between WAN optimization and WAN acceleration. As a matter of fact, WAN acceleration is a type of WAN optimization. Now that we have cleared that up, we can now get into WAN optimization and what you can do to make the most out of your […] … [Read more...]

3 common network problems and how to fix them

Nothing is more annoying than a slow connection. They say if you want to test a new relationship, put that person in front of a computer that is working at a snail’s pace and see how they react. That is a true test of patience. … [Read more...]

5 Secrets to Make Microsoft Applications Faster

Microsoft Office 365 is the number one deployed application in enterprises today, ahead of Salesforce and Google Apps for Work. With the ability to access essential communication and collaboration tools anytime and anywhere, there is no denying the benefits of Microsoft business apps to an organization. However, with great power comes great responsibility. When vital enterprise software is … [Read more...]

Not All Packet Shaping is Created Equal

At Exinda, we hear a lot about other solutions that also provide packet shaping. This often comes up when one of our customers is replacing a component of their network, such as a firewall, and the product they’re evaluating claims to also provide packet shaping.  On the surface this sounds attractive – “I can buy one product and get multiple benefits.” In the right circumstances that can work, … [Read more...]

Considering a bandwidth upgrade? Think twice.

Are you thinking about a bandwidth upgrade? Let’s take a minute to think about why you’re considering this. Is lack of bandwidth the issue? Do you really need more bandwidth? Or do you need to start using the bandwidth you have more efficiently? Let’s say you decide to go with a bandwidth upgrade. The outcome may not be what you expect. When talking to customers, I often use the phrase “Nature … [Read more...]

[Infographic] 19 Must-Know Stats About Higher Ed Bandwidth

As we often discuss, providing adequate bandwidth to students on campus is a major concern for Higher Ed IT Pros – especially as more devices and more applications hop on and off the network. Last week Acuta released the 2017 State of ResNet report highlighting Higher Ed bandwidth trends from the biggest bandwidth hogs on campus (hello Netflix!) to what tactics the IT departments are … [Read more...]

Troubleshooting the 3 Most Common Network Problems

Today’s network is more complex than ever before. The impact that the multitude of devices, applications, and locations have on network and application performance can be startling – increased congestion, slow application response time, loss of user productivity and ultimately, chaos for you, the IT manager. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 4 Good Reasons You Need a Network Assessment [BLOG] As a result of … [Read more...]

How to Control March Madness Streaming (and still be popular)

It’s that time of year again. For the next two weeks millions of basketball fans around the world will tune in to that magical event known as the NCAA March Madness. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: 5 Tips to Control Video Streaming  And like any good sporting event, your co-workers (and let’s be honest, some of you) are prepping their brackets for the big March Madness office pool. But more importantly, with … [Read more...]