RMM and PSA: The Nucleus of Automation

<p>Managed services providers (MSPs) of all shapes, sizes, and verticals are constantly looking for ways to automate as much of their operations as possible. &nbsp;</p> <p>“Automation can help you reduce the manual intervention required by your technicians, improve your response time to react to issues, and speed up setup of devices and users,” according to Jasper Fiet, … [Read more...]

Automation Topic of The Week: Where to Go for Help!

<p>Having just wrapped up Empower MSP in Atlanta on September 6, I thought I’d start this article by talking about some of the great discussions and experiences I got out of the week.&nbsp;</p> Read More … [Read more...]

How Do Firewalls Work? 

<p>Cyberattacks can be incredibly devastating for businesses, not to mention costly—it’s estimated that in 2017, the cost of <a href="https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/22/cybercrime-pandemic-may-have-cost-the-w… was nearly $600 billion</a>. Read More … [Read more...]

Traveling? Protecting Customers from Cybercriminals on the Road

<p><i></i><i></i>These days, people bring work with them on the road. When they visit the beach, they check and respond to email on their cell phones. They pound away on the keyboard, writing reports at the airport. They work on board presentations between sessions at conferences or plan the budget from the local Starbucks offering Wi-Fi access for the price of a … [Read more...]

Domain Controllers Overview

<p><a href="https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/blog/network-authentication-methods&quot; target="_blank">Authentication</a> is an essential function for a computer network, helping ensure that only authorized users have access to the system. As a managed services provider (MSP), authentication is a key element of helping ensure your customers’ data is secure and … [Read more...]

SHA-256 Algorithm Overview

<p>Encryption is a critical part of modern computer security. Read More … [Read more...]

Empower MSP: The Future of Security: Fast, Furious, and Fun

<p>“The technology landscape is changing quickly and the security landscape trying to adapt and keep up,” said Tim Brown, VP of Security, at the beginning of his keynote presentation on day two of Empower MSP, Atlanta. “Security was in the background; it is now in the boardroom as the bad guys continue to evolve and utilize different models to meet their business … [Read more...]

Automation Topic of the Week: Cookbook Launches and How to Make the Most of Chocolatey

<p>The big news this week is that our Automation Cookbook is now launched and being populated with more automation policies, scripts, and custom monitoring every month. Go to <a href="http://www.solarwindsmsp.com/cookbook&quot; target="_blank">www.solarwindsmsp.com/cookbook</a&gt; and search for automation.&nbsp;</p> Read More … [Read more...]

The Role of Security in the Sales Process

<p>It is no secret anymore that the number one reason customers leave their current IT provider is due to a security issue. Therefore, as we are prospecting for new customers a good percentage of them will be looking for a more security conscious managed services provider (MSP). For this reason, our approach to selling IT services needs to be more security focused than … [Read more...]

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Overview

<p>Very often managed services providers (MSPs) are responsible for helping to develop information security standards for their customers, as well as setting up their own processes. A comprehensive strategy is crucial for effectively defending against cyber threats. But how can MSPs and other IT professionals be sure that they have covered all the bases?</p> Read More … [Read more...]