Third Party Patch Roundup – May 2018

Here we are again at the end of another month, and it’s been an interesting one for those who spend their lives down in the IT security trenches. … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – April 2018

Another month has passed and you know what that means – time to take a look at the security patches that have been issued over the past 30 days by “the usual suspects” – the vendors who make some of the most popular desktop and mobile operating systems and applications. … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – March 2018

March has come and gone. The latest news includes MyFitnessPal and their recent breach. Check out the latest patches from Apple, Linux, Adobe, and more. … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – February 2018

February is the shortest month of all but, at least, the good news is that we do have a smaller number of updates to deal with than the average. … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – January 2018

As long as you’re running operating systems and applications, whether on local devices that access the cloud or on virtual servers that “live” in a cloud datacenter somewhere, you must keep that software up to date and ensure that vulnerabilities are patched as quickly as possible. … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – November 2017

Now that November has come to a close we’re headed toward the winter months again. In some parts of the world that means heavy coats, scarves and shoveling snow, but what did November bring in when it comes to third party patches? … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – October 2017

Ghosts and goblins aren’t nearly as scary as some of the malware and exploits that are lurking out there on the Internet. October brought us new reports of havoc created by ransomware, attacks by Anonymous on the Spanish government, and the discovery of the HomeHack vulnerability. … [Read more...]