How to Use VPR to Manage Threats Prior to NVD Publication

How does Tenable’s VPR score help users manage newly disclosed vulnerabilities, even before they’re published on the National Vulnerability Database (NVD)? Let’s find out. In April, we published a blog on how vulnerability priority rating (VPR) was used to help prioritize the most dangerous CVEs in 2019. Many of the vulnerabilities covered in that post were old but newer vulnerabilities shouldn’t … [Read more...]

How VPR Helped Prioritize the Most Dangerous CVEs in 2019

How do VPR and CVSS compare when assessing the most dangerous CVEs in 2019? Let’s find out. Two weeks ago, we kicked off a blog series on vulnerability priority rating (VPR), with a post focused on the characteristics of VPR that differentiate it from CVSS. In this post, we will demonstrate how VPR can be used to target the most dangerous vulnerabilities that exist in your network. The riskiest … [Read more...]

What Is VPR and How Is It Different from CVSS?

This blog series will provide an in-depth discussion of vulnerability priority rating (VPR) from a number of different perspectives. Part one will focus on the distinguishing characteristics of VPR that make it a more suitable tool for prioritizing remediation efforts than the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). What is VPR? Vulnerability priority rating (VPR), the output of Tenable … [Read more...]