What is Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure (RDmi)?

What Is RDmi? Remote Desktop Modern Infrastructure (RDmi) is the evolution in Remote Desktop Services (RDS). It is offered as a .NET service running in Microsoft Azure. The infrastructures roles—such as Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and more—are now a platform as a service (PaaS), meaning they will run in the form of web applications. To enhance … [Read more...]

Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 with RemoteFX

Before Microsoft RemoteFX Microsoft RemoteFX in Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 operating systems is also applicable to Remote Desktop Services (RDS). RemoteFX is now dominant, leaving Windows Multimedia Redirection (MMR) behind. Lets have a look at MMR. When Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 were released, they introduced Windows Multimedia Redirection (MMR), which was used to stream … [Read more...]

White Paper: Save Up to 60% On Your Citrix Costs

The white paper “Save 60% On Your Citrix Costs” shows how switching from Citrix XenApp to Parallels Remote Application Server, you can save up to 60 percent of the initial and running costs of your application and virtual desktop delivery solution. This blog post summarizes the findings of the white paper. The main reasons why installing and running an application and virtual desktop … [Read more...]

How to Restrict Access to a RD Session Host Desktop for Particular Users

How to Restrict Access to a RD Session Host Desktop for Particular Users  There are certain deployment scenarios that require connection restrictions on the end-user side. For example imagine you are using a RD Session Host to publish data for your employees but you want to restrict the access to a specific user, let’s say a new employee. In this case you can leave all the server … [Read more...]

Remote Desktop Services | Enhance Microsoft RDS with Parallels RAS 

Remote Desktop Services | Any Windows Application on Any Device  Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) supports Windows Server 2003 R2 to 2016, allowing administrators to deliver any Windows application and a full desktop experience to Windows, Mac®, Linux, Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi, iOS, and Android.  HTML5 Client  Parallels RAS offers an advanced HTLM5 Client that delivers unique capabilities … [Read more...]

How to white label Parallels Client

Why White Label Parallels Client?  When using Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), connecting to remote resources through the Parallels HTML5 Client or Parallels Client for Windows is a convenient solution for many organizations that offer their services to end users.  In many cases, it’s practical to separate users by groups (HR, developers, Q&A, etc.) and provide them with the … [Read more...]

How Parallels RAS helps businesses to be PCI DSS-Compliant

Introduction IT security has always been a major concern for businesses that accept online credit card payments. They hold sensitive information that malicious hackers are after: cardholder data. This is why such businesses are legally obliged to build IT systems and networks that are PCI DSS compliant. What Is PCI DSS? PCI DSS is a security standard developed by the PCI Security Standards … [Read more...]

Virtualization Benefits

Virtualization Benefits Unleash the full power of virtualization to improve your business performance. Virtualization is continuously evolving. A concept that was developed in late 1960s to optimize mainframe computer resources is now revolutionizing the computing world. The numerous benefits offered by the server virtualization technology make it an inevitable choice for businesses of all sizes. … [Read more...]

Parallels RAS integrates with Microsoft App-V

Microsoft App-V Parallels RAS supports Microsoft App-V, enabling administrators to remotely deploy, update, and support applications as services through one single pane of glass. Parallels RAS and Microsoft App-V Parallels RAS integrates with Microsoft App-V, allowing administrators to publish packaged applications and reducing the need to remediate application conflicts that rely on App-V … [Read more...]

Parallels RAS White Labelling

Color and Theme Customization in Parallels RAS  Managed service providers (MSPs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) can personalize their services with the Parallels Client white labelling capability. This can help organizations promote their brand to end users.  Some use cases:  MSPs and ISVs can promote their brand to customers by offering their services through Parallels RAS while … [Read more...]