How to Create a Parallels RAS Template

How to Create a Parallels RAS Template  Parallels RAS can automatically generate and deploy two types of templates on demand using configurable RAS Templates: one for VDI desktops and another one for RD session hosts. This allows administrators to create and deploy guest virtual machines on the fly, saving a great deal of time. Follow these steps to deploy a RAS Template using Parallels RAS.  1. … [Read more...]

SPLA Sublicensing – Parallels RAS an easy-to-use & cost-effective sublicense

How to Create a Parallels RAS SPLA Sublicense  To create a Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) sublicense for Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), you will need to log in to Parallels My Account. Please note in order to create sublicense keys, your Parallels My Account needs to be registered as a Business Account.  The following steps will guide you through the creation of a new … [Read more...]

How to create Client Policies within Parallels RAS Console

How to create Client Policies within Parallels RAS Console    A Client Policy controls which options are available to configure on the user’s Parallels Client interface. With the Client Policy, the IT administrator can also force settings within these group tabs. This allows IT administrators to easily manage and restrict the options available to users on the Parallels Client connection … [Read more...]

SSL Security – Self-Signed vs. Certificate Authority

With security breaches on the rise, business websites should have a high level of security to earn the trust of their customers. E-commerce websites are more prone to cyberattacks. According to IBM, 1.5 million cyberattacks were registered in 2013. CSID provides a more in-depth analysis of security breaches: the financial industry (dealing with credit and debit cards) experienced 62% of … [Read more...]

Do You Think Citrix XenApp Features’ Matrix Is Complex? | Check Out Parallels RAS

Receive All of XenApp Features with Parallels RAS  Looking at the Citrix XenApp feature matrix, you notice that certain features such as VDI, HDI, and reporting require the purchase of different license model or add-ons. This licensing complexity for Citrix XenApp 6.x can delay the initial choice of license and complicate maintenance due to the radical changes in software architecture … [Read more...]

How to Install a Third-Party SSL Certificate in Parallels RAS

SSL Certificates in Parallels RAS Follow the steps below to install a third-party SSL certificate in the Parallels RAS console. Navigate your way to Farm > Gateways to add the SSL certificate to your gateway. Double-click on your “Gateway.” Alternatively, you may also right-click on your “Gateway” and then click on “Properties.” On the properties window, select the “SSL/TLS” tab and click … [Read more...]

What Does OEM Mean?

OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is a term heard most often within two industries: automotive and IT. Initially, it was associated with a company that manufactured a product which was then resold or rebranded by another company. However, the meaning of this term has evolved over time, and today it refers to different things. For instance, OEM can reference a company that manufactures the … [Read more...]

Parallels RAS Certification Badge

Parallels RAS digital badges: Verify and demonstrate your skills  As virtual desktop, end-user computing (EUC), and cloud infrastructure technologies continue to evolve, so do the skills IT professionals require to successfully deploy and manage virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and application delivery projects. In addition, skills that allow managing private, hybrid, and public cloud … [Read more...]

Parallels RAS – Turning Off Network Level Authentication (NLA)

This blog post is divided into 2 sections, the first section reflects the machines Without RD Session Host Role whilst the second part portrays the machines With RD Session Host Role. You can quickly access the different sections from the below hyperlinks. These two sections are then further divided into different Operating Systems for you to choose from. Quick Links Without RD Session Host Role … [Read more...]

Parallels RAS – Activate a Trial Version

Activate a Parallels RAS Trial Version A Parallels My Account is required to activate a trial version of Parallels® RAS. The process of creating an account and activating your Parallels RAS trial version is explained below. Please note that this is not required on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) trials. Open the Parallels RAS Console and log in using your domain credentials. If you … [Read more...]