Accelerate your business with a 5-star Partner Program

The GFI Partner Program has been awarded 5 stars in the CRN 2018 Partner Program Guide. The 2018 Partner Program Guide offers the information solution providers need to evaluate IT vendors they work with or are considering working with. Learn more about the GFI Partner Program and how it can accelerate your business. … [Read more...]

IT initiatives to include in your plans this spring

The new year has come and gone. Now that your company’s budget is on track, it’s time to start cleaning house (or your network) with IT initiatives that will protect your business from a malware attack and organize your data. … [Read more...]

GFI Unlimited: What’s in it for our customers

GFI Unlimited is a game-changing subscription that unlocks a library of network security and communication solutions. Learn more about the benefits and why you should switch to GFI Unlimited. … [Read more...]

Are you the sole sysadmin at your company?

Picture this: You're the sole system administration or IT person. Every time you ask for help, your boss simply says, "It's not in the budget." Yes, you want to be ahead of the game and have your systems up to date and running in great shape. … [Read more...]

Access it all with GFI Unlimited

Introducing GFI Unlimited, a brand new subscription that is game-changing in its simplicity and revolutionary in its value. Find out how you can access a library of network security and communication solutions today! … [Read more...]

8 checklist items to help with GDPR compliance

The clock is ticking. Right now is the time to assess how your company handles personal data. Learn more about what kind of items you need to check off before GDPR goes into effect in May 2018. … [Read more...]

3 common network problems and how to fix them

Nothing is more annoying than a slow connection. They say if you want to test a new relationship, put that person in front of a computer that is working at a snail’s pace and see how they react. That is a true test of patience. … [Read more...]

Secure your accounts with a passphrase, not a password

Unfortunately, insecure passwords are not a thing of the past. As companies continue to grow, employees will use more and more applications that require a passcode. It’s time you enforce a new strategy to improve the security of your network. A good password is no longer enough to keep baddies from infiltrating your systems. It’s […] … [Read more...]

The 6 malware culprits at every workplace

No matter how many times your IT staff tells employees not to download software and  no matter how many policies and  employee handbooks, it is inevitable, an employee is going to put  your network at risk by bending or breaking those rules. … [Read more...]