Remote Code Execution in InduSoft Web Studio

Enterprises running InduSoft Web Studio should update their software and ensure these critical systems are not exposed to the internet. Tenable Research has discovered an unauthenticated remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in InduSoft Web Studio ICS-CERT has assigned CVE-2019-6545 and CVE-2019-6543 for this vulnerability. Background InduSoft Web Studio is an automation tool for … [Read more...]

Multiple Vulnerabilities Found in LabKey Server Community Edition

Tenable Research has discovered multiple vulnerabilities including cross site scripting, open redirects and drive mapping in LabKey Server Community Edition 18.2-60106.64. Labkey has released patches. Background LabKey Server, an open source medical data collaboration tool, is vulnerable to multiple cross site scripting (XSS) attacks. The flaws allow a remote unauthenticated attacker to run … [Read more...]

Multiple Zero-Days in PremiSys IDenticard Access Control System

Tenable Research discovered multiple zero-day vulnerabilities in the PremiSys access control system developed by IDenticard. As of January 9, IDenticard has not released a patch for these vulnerabilities. Background Tenable Research has discovered four vulnerabilities in the PremiSys access control system from IDenticard. The PremiSys system can be used to manage door controls and access cards, … [Read more...]

Tenable Research Advisory: Multiple ICS Vulnerabilities in Schneider Modicon Quantum PLC

Tenable Research discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Schneider’s Modicon Quantum programmable logic controller. Schneider has recommended mitigations for impacted end users. Background While examining a Schneider Modicon Quantum programmable logic controller (PLC) Tenable Research discovered several vulnerabilities. The Modicon Quantum is used for complex process control, safety and … [Read more...]

MikroTik RouterOS Vulnerabilities: There’s More to CVE-2018-14847

In the course of preparing his Derbycon 8.0 presentation on RouterOS vulnerabilities, Tenable Researcher Jacob Baines discovered more to CVE-2018-14847 than originally known. Here’s how it could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to gain access to the underlying operating system of MikroTik routers. While preparing for his Oct. 7 Derbycon 8.0 presentation on RouterOS vulnerabilities, … [Read more...]

Tenable Research Advisory: Multiple Vulnerabilities Discovered in MikroTik’s RouterOS

Tenable Research has discovered several vulnerabilities in RouterOS, an operating system used in MikroTik routers, the most critical of which would allow attackers to potentially gain full system access. Tenable Research has discovered several vulnerabilities in RouterOS, an operating system used in MikroTik routers. Jacob Baines, the Tenable researcher who made the discovery, presented the talk … [Read more...]

Peekaboo: Don’t Be Surprised by These Not So Candid Cameras

Tenable Research discovered a major software flaw, dubbed Peekaboo, which gives cyber criminals control of certain video surveillance cameras, allowing them to secretly monitor, tamper with and even disable feeds. Here’s a quick look at what we know today. What’s Peekaboo? Peekaboo is a security vulnerability in software made by NUUO, a global video surveillance vendor. The software is used in … [Read more...]

Tenable Research Advisory: Peekaboo Critical Vulnerability in NUUO Network Video Recorder

Tenable Research has discovered a critical vulnerability named Peekaboo permitting remote code execution in IoT network video recorders for video surveillance systems that would allow attackers to remotely view feeds and tamper with recordings. Tenable Research discovered two vulnerabilities in NUUO’s Network Video Recorder software. The first is a critical unauthenticated stack buffer overflow … [Read more...]

Cisco Critical Advisories for September Includes Patch for Struts Vulnerability

Cisco has released advisories for 29 issues, including three critical vulnerabilities. The update also includes a patch for CVE-2018-11776 in Apache Struts. Background On Wednesday, September 5, Cisco released security advisories for 29 issues, rating three of them as critical. One of these critical vulnerabilities is the Apache Struts vulnerability (CVE-2018-11776) that we wrote about last month. … [Read more...]

August Vulnerability of the Month: Critical Vulnerability in Oracle WebLogic Targeted by Attackers

In August, Tenable Research voted to highlight CVE-2018-2893 in Oracle WebLogic Server because it was almost immediately exploited by multiple threat actors. Novelty, sophistication or just plain weirdness are some of the potential criteria we use to select the Tenable vulnerability of the month. We collect nominations from our 70+ research team members, shortlist the finalists and give the entire … [Read more...]