How a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) Can Protect Your Business

As the world’s dependency on the internet continues to increase, so do the risks and threats to our security. For a business or MSP to achieve growth, it must first have a secure environment. Ensuring a business can operate securely online creates a foundation for growth by: Read More … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Why MSPs Should Offer OneDrive Backup 

As more businesses adopt SaaS applications and shift their resources to the cloud, Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) has quickly become a standard suite of tools for businesses. Read More … [Read more...]

Malware-as-a-Service: A Crucial Reason Why Security Has Grown More Complex

We often talk about the idea that cybersecurity has become more important than ever. The threats have become more sophisticated, and the damages have grown larger. But we don’t often talk about why threats have become harder to deal with. One of the main reasons? Cybercrime has become big business. Today, we’ll talk about the trend of malware-as-a-service (MaaS), how MaaS affects the threat … [Read more...]

vSphere Backup Best Practices

As most managed services providers (MSPs) are aware, backing up your … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Rock-Solid Password Security

There’s a lot of flash around some topics in security. Whether it’s the ever-present, evolving threat of ransomware or a new threat du jour, it’s definitely important to stay on top of these developments. But it’s also easy to get distracted from the fact that a good portion of cyberattacks often come from small holes in a security posture. Read More … [Read more...]

Smaller MSPs: Tier Your Time to Stay on Task 

One of the most common things MSPs want to talk about as they grow is how to structure their teams. For many of you, especially those just starting out, you don’t have teams to structure. So how do you get everything done? Start by treating time like people—divide up your time to cover different tasks just like you would divide up a team to handle tasks.  Here are the key areas to consider … [Read more...]

Seven Common Types of Security Breaches and How to Prevent Them

A security breach occurs when a network or system is accessed by an unauthorized individual or application. Once your system is infiltrated, the intruders can steal data, … [Read more...]

Eight Must-Have Features of an IT Ticketing System for MSP Companies

Finding an IT ticketing system for managed services providers (MSPs) that can meet your specific requirements can be a challenge. The IT software market is booming, which means there is plenty of choice—but not all IT help desk ticketing tools are created equal. As one of the main communication channels between your customers and your business, choosing a ticket management software solution isn’t … [Read more...]

Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs Off-site Backup

Life is imperfect and unpredictable—it’s a sentiment that applies as much to businesses as it does to individuals. Sadly, even the most robust security systems may not be enough to protect sensitive data from being lost or stolen. Read More … [Read more...]

VIDEO: SolarWinds MSP Presents—Pinot With John Pagliuca & Joe Panettieri, Ep. 2

Welcome to episode two of "Pinot with Pag and Panettieri". From the potential SolarWinds MSP spin out to the security roadmap and how churn impacts MSP growth rates, this video interview is a free flow conversation about the increasingly important role of the MSP. Check out the latest episode below:   Read More … [Read more...]