Druva On-Demand: Delivering Features in Real Time in the Cloud

With spell checking, if your words aren’t in the dictionary, you click and add them — you continuously improve the app and it serves you better. Likewise, the tools you use to run your business processes, from backups to bookkeeping, serve you better when they’re continuously updated. And with cloud-native SaaS tools, you get new capabilities, enhanced features, and bug fixes quicker without ever … [Read more...]

Customer Spotlight: Northgate Markets

Druva recently interviewed Harrison Lewis, CIO of Northgate Markets. During this insightful Q&A, you’ll learn about his experience migrating the company’s business processes to the cloud and the recent Northgate Markets deployment of the Druva Phoenix data protection and management solution. Q: Would you give us a quick overview of Northgate Markets’ business?HL: Sure. Northgate Markets is … [Read more...]

Why Egan Company Chose Druva

In this final installment of our three-part Q&A blog, Egan Company CIO, Jim Nonn, and IT Systems and Support Manager, Andy Blomquist, talk about why cloud-based, as-a-service Druva Phoenix is the perfect data management fit for their 100 percent virtualized environment.Q: You mentioned that as a cloud-native backup solution, Druva Phoenix matched the requirements of a disaster recovery (DR) … [Read more...]

Evolving Data Management at Egan Company

This is the second in a 3-part blog series about Egan Company’s journey to 100 percent virtualization and an almost exclusive reliance on cloud-based, as-a-service apps like Druva Phoenix. In the first blog, we asked Jim Nonn, Egan’s CIO, and Andy Blomquist, IT Systems and Support Manager, about how Egan started off on it’s cloud journey. They continue the discussion below. Read part one here. Q: … [Read more...]

Customer Spotlight: Egan Company

Egan Company has fulfilled a cloud-first policy by becoming 100 percent virtualized and by using as-a-service apps almost exclusively. This three-part Q&A blog series explores why they set a cloud-first goal, how they got there, and why they’ve embraced Druva as their cloud service provider for data management. A specialty building contractor based in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, Egan Company … [Read more...]

Druva on AWS Snowball Edge

Enabling Petabyte-scale Workload MobilityBusinesses are quickly transitioning to the cloud, steering from traditional infrastructure, as the cloud provides scale, flexibility, and added resiliency. That’s why Druva and AWS have co-designed Snowball Edge, pre-configured with Druva data management technology for organizations to move and protect their workloads in the cloud seamlessly. What is AWS … [Read more...]

SailPoint & Druva Phoenix: Three Keys To Backup and Recovery

SailPoint, an industry pioneer and market leader in identity governance, presented this week at VMworld 2018 on how the company re-evaluated it’s business’ data recovery approach as it marched toward its November 2017 IPO. As SailPoint looked to the company it would become in the future, one thing was clear – it needed to put the right processes in place and control costs.The company went … [Read more...]