Backing Up Critical Salesforce Data to the Cloud

People assume that once you’ve sent data to the cloud, there’s a copy somewhere. After all, email lasts forever, right? Likewise, people tend to assume that cloud-based SaaS apps like Salesforce keep data forever — which they do, for limited use cases. The problem is that this partial solution can lull IT managers into a false sense of security. They know that Salesforce has some kind of backup … [Read more...]

inSync 6.0: Providing the Superior Experience our Customers Expect

With the release of inSync 6.0, we’re excited to give our customers a completely redesigned client, providing the best possible experience for Mac users. User experience has always been important to us. Because of the mobile nature of end user data, the backup process has to be as straightforward and lightweight as possible, not interfering with other tasks or monopolizing bandwidth. An obtrusive … [Read more...]

Legaltech 2018: Choosing Your Most Vital Records When Recovering From a Disaster?

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” —George Orwell, Animal FarmWith the above quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, BlackRock director Jason Stearns set the tone at a 2018 Legaltech panel discussion on the role of records management in disaster recovery (DR) planning. Every organization has records it needs to conduct business, but not all content has the … [Read more...]

Creating An Effective Cloud Adoption Strategy – Gartner 2017

“How many of you are using the cloud anywhere in your organization, for any reason?” asked Bob Gill, Gartner Research VP, to the crowd at this year’s Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management and Data Center Conference in Las Vegas. Almost every person in the room raised a hand. Gill then asked a follow-up question, “How many of your organizations have a defined cloud strategy,” and nearly … [Read more...]