15 Best Security Solutions and Practices to Improve Data Security

2019 is set for being the worst year on record for data breaches, with as many as 3,813 breaches reported so far. As a result, businesses can no longer cross their fingers and hope that they won’t fall victim to a breach, as the chances are, they will. Businesses who are responsible for the personally identifiable information of consumers will be likely subject to a major compliance … [Read more...]

What is Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Data and How Do You Classify and Secure it?

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is commonly defined as “any data that could potentially identify a specific individual”, and can be either sensitive or non-sensitive. Sensitive PII is information which, when disclosed to an unauthorised entity, could result in harm to the data subject. Disclosure of non-sensitive PII, on the other hand, will result in little to no harm to the … [Read more...]

Why the Real Estate Industry Could Do More to Secure Data

When it comes to cyber-attacks, the real estate industry rarely makes the headlines. Yet, real estate companies deal with high value transactions on a daily basis and are frequently targeted by hackers. Not only that, but despite storing and processing large amounts of financial data, real estate firms are not bound by any industry-specific data protection regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI and SOX, … [Read more...]

Why Are Business Email Accounts So Valuable to Hackers?

2019 has been touted as the “worst year on record” for data breaches, with the number of breaches already up by 54%, according to a new report by Cyber Risk Analytics. Compromised email accounts account for 70% of stolen data, with passwords accounting for 64%. The majority of attacks targeted the business sector, and were initiated by malicious outsiders, who typically seek to exploit … [Read more...]

How to Build a Data Classification Policy to Improve Data Security

Data classification is often seen as the starting point in many data security strategies, especially if your organization is growing and collecting large volumes of data. The reason for this, is that you cannot accurately focus your cybersecurity strategy if you do not know where your most sensitive data resides. How can you ensure appropriate access controls and monitor user behavior effectively … [Read more...]

OneDrive for Business Security Tips and Tricks

The rate of cloud technology adoption has increased dramatically over the last few years, with file storage generally being the go-to cloud service. That’s because cloud storage enables organizations to keep costs down and made data more accessible, helping to drive collaborations. Microsoft are responsible for very popular cloud file storage services. Microsoft OneDrive is a non-business product … [Read more...]

The Threat Facing America’s Critical Infrastructure

Perhaps more Americans would take cybersecurity threats seriously if they resulted in disruptions to their Netflix streaming and prevented them from taking hot showers. A lot of the activities we take for granted, including making a coffee in the morning and watching TV in the evenings, are powered by the energy industry. The nation’s power grid not only powers many of our in-house technology, it … [Read more...]

How Will Decentralized Technologies Shape the Future of Data Security?

You remember Tim Berners-Lee, right? The guy who invented the World Wide Web. Well, he’s at it again. Tim’s latest project, called Solid (Social Linked Data), is a platform that is designed to give users’ more control over their personal data, and to provide more structure to the vast amounts of data we store on the internet. And then we have the Blockchain – an append-only … [Read more...]

How to Detect a Data Breach: The Basics

If we look at some of the most high-profile data breaches of the last few years, you will be astonished at how long it took for the organization involved to detect. Companies as big and as well equipped as Verifone, took 6 months to detect the data breach that first started in the middle of 2016. It took Forever 21 around 9 months to detect their data breach that started … Read more The post … [Read more...]

What is a Security Analytics Platform?

Security analytics is the process of analyzing raw data to determine the effectiveness of current security measures and take appropriate steps to improve cybersecurity. It involves the aggregation of data from a multitude of sources, including event logs, firewalls, virus scanners and more, and combining that information into an easier to process data set. What is Security Analytics? A Definition … [Read more...]