6 Tips to Help Remote Workers Protect Their Data

The number of people working remotely rises each year as organizations look to offer more flexibility and reach further outside of their immediate radius when looking for talent. Working remotely has many benefits and some even believe remote workers outperform office workers. However, there are some risks to data security that present themselves more often through remote workers than anywhere … [Read more...]

3 Ways the Role of the CISO Will Evolve Over the Next Few Years

We’re very much of the opinion that 2019 has the potential to be the year of the CISO. More specifically, 2019 is the year the CISO will need to listen. Listen to their peers, to HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance and to the rest of the board and gather as much information about their motivations and what makes them tick as possible. It’s been said before but it’s worth repeating. The … Read … [Read more...]

4 Common Challenges with Auditing Your IT Environment (and How to Solve Them)

We have spoken with countless IT professionals, from CISOs to System Administrators, and we always ask them what their biggest challenges are with data security and auditing in general. Whether you’re performing your audit internally, of you are an external consultant, you may face numerous challenges that prevent from being successful. In this blog, I have combined the four most common audit … [Read more...]

Most Organizations Still Not GDPR Compliant – Here’s Why

A recent Forrester report titled “Security Through Simplicity” surveyed 481 IT security decision makers regarding their GDPR readiness. Surprisingly, according to the study, most of the organizations surveyed had not carried out fundamental steps towards GDPR compliance. A small caveat here. The December study was commissioned in August but wasn’t completed until September – well after the GDPR … [Read more...]

Making the Case for a VP of Security Rationalization

Might it be true to say that the world of cybersecurity is evolving faster than any other industry right now? Probably not, but it’s certainly up there. Cybersecurity is achieving a level of maturation that we have not seen before, which is leading to many organizations implementing several security solutions in an attempt to become “secure”. Companies that change quickly and go through many … [Read more...]

The Biggest Piece Security Advice for CISOs in 2019

We recently interviewed Brian Contos, CISO and VP Technology Innovation at cybersecurity experts Verodin, to find out the one biggest piece of advice that CISOs need to take on board in 2019. Brian was an informative and entertaining guest on our CISOTalks podcast series and had the following to say regarding advice for CISOs: So What Advice Do You Have for CISOs? “In one word; proof. Make sure … [Read more...]

Compliance Does NOT Equal Security: Here’s Why

We talk a lot about compliance when we speak to prospects looking to improve their data security. It’s an important part of security in terms of setting some standards, processes, practices and technologies for data security. However, most compliance regulations are either too basic or too pigeon-holed to full address data security concerns, especially in today’s evolving threat landscape. Being … [Read more...]

5 Assumptions CISOs Make That May Threaten Data Security

In many ways the cybersecurity market has been through a period of maturation and growth over the last few years. Broadsheet newspapers are running 10-page features on it, mainstream news programs are discussing it and board level executives are starting to take notice. In many ways, cybersecurity is now mainstream. However, there is a long way to go yet. Despite the role of the CISO and CIO being … [Read more...]

What is User Activity Monitoring and How Should You Implement it?

What Does User Activity Monitoring Mean? User Activity Monitoring (UAM) solutions are software tools that essentially track monitor and alert on the activity and overall behavior of your users. The most common application of user activity monitoring tools is in the detection and prevention of insider threats. The simple fact is; your users are the most likely source of a data breach in your … [Read more...]

Data Classification Software: 10 Things You Should Consider

Data Classification is a hot topic at the moment, with a flood of vendors on the market offering classification functionality standalone or as part of a more comprehensive data security platform. With all the competing vendors and information out there on data classification software, it can be difficult to know where to start. What is Data Classification? Simply put, data classification is the … [Read more...]