Empower MSP Scottsdale—Email Security as Part of a Multi-Layered Defense

Day 1, Empower MSP Scottsdale, breakout session 2a— Dreas van Donselaar, Director, Product Management – Mail Assure at SolarWinds MSP. Empower MSP Scottsdale took place at JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, on September 18th and 19th 2018.    Read More … [Read more...]

Empower MSP Scottsdale—How to Take Your MSP from Zero to Social in One Week (or Less!)

Day 1, Empower MSP Scottsdale, breakout session 3c—Anne Chaconas, Marketing Manager, Social Strategy and Content Development at SolarWinds MSP.  Empower MSP Scottsdale took place at JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, on September 18th and 19th 2018.    Anne started off by explaining that before you do anything with social media, you need to get some ground rules sorted … [Read more...]

How to Calculate Your Profit Margin, and Why It’s Important

Why is profit margin important? Because it measures the ratio between net revenue and total revenue. If it is positive, the business is making money—and if it is negative, the business is losing money. How well or how poorly your business is performing is determined by the magnitude of the percentage in the positive or negative direction.   Read More … [Read more...]

Empower MSP Amsterdam—Identifying Your Target Audience

“Speaking to prospects or customers about things that don’t interest them means you are likely to end your sales cycle in the early stages,” warned Aris Demosthenous, training content manager at SolarWinds MSP, opening his address. “In contrast, going into a sale knowing who you are dealing with gives you a great advantage and definitely increases your chances for a second meeting.” Read More … [Read more...]

Empower MSP Amsterdam—GDPR: The Run Up to May 25… and What Comes Next

Ardi Kolah, executive fellow and director of the GDPR programme at Henley Business School, opened his presentation with a quote from Bill Gates:  “We overestimate the amount of change that will happen in the next one to two years, but underestimate the huge change that will happen in the subsequent three to ten. The future is exponential, non-linear, and unpredictable.” Read More … [Read more...]

Empower MSP Amsterdam—Emergence of User Experience and Security

David Weeks opened by defining UX, quoting the Neilson Norman Group, saying, “User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”  David then went on to explain that as devices and localized services move to the cloud, providers are being required to take on more services based in Software as a Service (SaaS). Consequently, … [Read more...]

Empower MSP Amsterdam—The Dark Net, Crypto and the Future of Cybercrime

The keynote for Day Two highlighted British journalist Jamie Bartlett, author of The Dark Net, examining some of the trends in the Dark Net and looking at how these will influence the future of cybercrime. A Guardian review of his book describes the Dark Net as “the underworld of the Internet: a secret, encrypted cyber-realm where everyone is anonymous and users have complete freedom. A … [Read more...]

Empower MSP Amsterdam—Selling Layered Security Services: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Organizations can no longer talk about what might happen if they have a data breach, because today, it’s simply a question of when, said David Weeks. According to the latest … [Read more...]

Empower MSP Amsterdam—Patch and AV Best Practices for N-central

Jasper Fiet’s second presentation of the conference focused on Patch and AV for the N-central® solution, covering everything from how to set them up correctly to trouble-shooting problems and keeping them cleaned and maintained.  Patch management Starting with patch management, Jasper set out the key background points: Read More … [Read more...]

Empower MSP Amsterdam—Is Your Team Ready to Go to Market?

Before starting to plan a launch campaign, Stefanie Hammond—senior channel sales specialist, Major Accounts at SolarWinds MSP—said in her presentation that first it’s important to choose the leadership team, deciding who will oversee the marketing activities driving leads into the sales funnel, and who will be responsible for the sales aspect.  Read More … [Read more...]