Altaro partners with Wasabi to for disruptive pricing and performance.

Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, now integrates seamlessly with Altaro VM Backup, the award-winning virtual machine backup and replication solution for Hyper-V and VMware environments, with a convenient, multi-tenant console for managed service providers (MSPs). This new integration enables Altaro customers, partners and managed service providers to securely and quickly save backups … [Read more...]

Let’s Encrypt: One Million Certificates Non-Compliant After Bug

Let’s Encrypt has revealed that over one million of its HTTPS certificates containing a bug in its automatic validation code will not be revoked by the March 5 deadline, despite being non-compliant. The free TLS certificate organization discovered the flaw in late February. It lies in the code which checks for a Certificate Authority Authorization (CAA) whenever users renew their certificates, … [Read more...]

White Horse Federation chooses Altaro VM Backup

The White Horse Federation, a multi-academy trust, has selected Altaro VM Backup to back up data at more than 32 primary and secondary schools across Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Swindon in the UK Read more here Source: https://www.altaro.com/press-center.php … [Read more...]

Why Usable Security Should Drive Your Decision in Selecting a PAM Tool for Your Organization

What is Usable Security At Thycotic ease of use has been a consistent focus with our products, but we have started to use the term Usable Security more frequently. Usable security is much more than a Thycotic marketing term. Usable security is an academic field of study that evaluates the usability of computer security. We believe that our focus on this concept differentiates us from our … [Read more...]

CyberPeace Institute fills a critical need for cyberattack victims

With the launch of the CyberPeace Institute, the world will gain an important new ally in understanding the impact of cyberattacks, in working to develop rules for proper conduct in cyberspace and in helping the most vulnerable victims of cyberattacks become more resilient. Read more here … [Read more...]

What is spoofing?

Spoofing, as it pertains to cybersecurity, is when someone or something pretends to be something else in an attempt to gain our confidence, get access to our systems, steal data, steal money, or spread malware. Spoofing attacks come in many forms, primarily: Email spoofingWebsite and/or URL spoofingCaller ID spoofingText message spoofingGPS spoofingMan-in-the-middle attacksExtension spoofingIP … [Read more...]

Explained: What is containerization?

Containerization. Another one of those tech buzzwords folks love to say but often have no idea what it means. A better way to organize children’s toys? The act of bringing tupperware out to dinner to safely transport home leftovers? Another name for Russian dolls? Containerization is, of course, none of those things. But its definition might be best captured in a quick example rather than a … [Read more...]

Safer Kids Online: ESET gears up to launch its newest platform to keep children safe in the online world

We all know that technology can be a double-edged sword. It has created incredible progress, while simultaneously causing new problems. Yet, it can also be the solution to such problems, especially in terms of spreading awareness and improving education on key issues. In the digital world, children’s online safety is becoming of increasing concern and, considering that every third person on the … [Read more...]

4 Myths Of PCI Compliance

If your organization is finding it difficult to comply with PCI DSS, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, it could be due to some of the misconceptions about the standard. The standard is commonly referred to simply as PCI, and many people think it was developed by the federal government. But it was created in 2004 by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and … [Read more...]

Hidden Culprits: Protecting enterprises against physical data theft

Another day, another data breach at a major corporation – and, while a lot of these breaches are the result of malware and the activity of cybercriminals, you might be surprised to learn that stolen laptops and the loss of physical data are other key culprits. Most large enterprises are equipped with advanced security software and have IT teams dedicated to ensuring that their business data is … [Read more...]