6 Reasons We Make Bad Decisions, and What to Do About Them

Research has shown that that the typical person makes about 2,000 decisions every waking hour. Most decisions are minor and we make them instinctively or automatically — what to wear to work in the morning, whether to eat lunch now or in ten minutes, etc. But many of the decisions we make throughout the day take real thought, and have serious consequences. Consistently making good decisions is … [Read more...]

Advanced Threat Prevention With Malwarebytes!

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection protects your endpoints with multi-layered, cloud-managed security via a single agent. The right approach to securing the endpoint requires Malwarebytes Multi-Vector Protection. Multi-Vector Protection employs multiple layers of technology to address advanced threats that leverage different attack vectors and techniques. Defend your endpoints against all types … [Read more...]

3 Questions Hiring Managers Want You to Answer

Interviews have an outsize influence on whether you land the job you want. Even though your application materials reflect your lifetime of experience, a few hours of interaction with a recruiting team often ends up being the determining factor in whether you actually get hired. So, clearly you need to stand out. Read more here Source: hbr.org … [Read more...]

85% of organizations fail to meet even basic PAM security hygiene

With up to 80 percent of breaches due to compromised credentials, more organizations than ever before are prioritizing privileged account protection.  Thycotic’s “State of PAM Maturity” report highlights the disturbing results based on more than 450 responses worldwide to our online PAM Maturity Assessment. Get an in-depth view of the state of Privileged Access Management security in the 2019 … [Read more...]

How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You

If you want to be your best and perform at a high level, fear of people’s opinions may be holding you back. Think about a time when you were extremely anxious — say, before standing up to publicly speak, raising your hand in a big meeting, or even walking through a room of strangers. The reason you felt small and scared and tense is you were worried about social disapproval. Read more … [Read more...]

Why We Don’t Ask for More Time on Deadlines (But Probably Should)

Deadlines are one of the biggest sources of stress in the workplace. Yet, many are flexible: Your manager might ask you to submit a proposal for a long-term project by Friday, but not plan to look at it until Tuesday. Could asking for more time (when we need it) be a simple way to avoid feeling panicked and overwhelmed? While it’s common to believe that pushing back a deadline might reflect … [Read more...]

Start your least privilege cybersecurity journey with Thycotic!

With more than 80 percent of breaches involving the compromise of IT and business user credentials (IDs and passwords), organizations are limiting privileged access to services, applications, data, and systems as a top priority. This free 16-page eBook describes how you can limit user and application access to privileged accounts—especially on endpoints—through various controls and tools … [Read more...]

Use Tenable.io Web Application Scanning (WAS) to assess common vulnerabilities!

Today’s web applications are highly complex in terms of business features and technical architecture. This complexity leads to a dramatically expanded attack surface requiring a new approach to web application scanning. Read more here Download your trial version here … [Read more...]

MOVEit 2019 is here!

A new version of MOVEit will be released on March 19th, 2019 called MOVEit 2019. The new version includes a number of enhancements designed to improve usability and provide more security and scalability options including: Live View Dynamic Links for one-click access to detailed file transfer informationGranular Secure Folder Sharing Permissions for more control over … [Read more...]

How to Get Your To-Do List Done When You’re Always in Meetings

Each morning, you emphatically write at the top of your to-do list, “Work on presentation!” Perhaps you even underline it a time or two for emphasis. But at the end of the day, your resolve has turned to dismay: yet again, you spent most of your time in meetings. And when you had a bit of time between them, you didn’t make any progress on your presentation. Read more here Source: hbr.org … [Read more...]