GFI EventsManager Is Here!

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Is Your Company Ready to Protect Its Reputation from Deep Fakes?

After a public outcry over privacy and their inability — or unwillingness — to address misleading content, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms finally appear to be making a real effort to take on fake news. But manipulative posts from perpetrators in Russia or elsewhere may soon be the least of our problems. What looms ahead won’t just impact our elections. It will impact our … [Read more...]

Ransomware is still affecting businesses all over the globe

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Ego Is the Enemy of Good Leadership

On his first day as CEO of the Carlsberg Group, a global brewery and beverage company, Cees ‘t Hart was given a key card by his assistant. The card locked out all the other floors for the elevator so that he could go directly to his corner office on the 20thfloor. And with its picture windows, his office offered a stunning view of Copenhagen. These were the perks of his new position, ones that … [Read more...]

Stop the worry of data loss with LepideAuditor

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We Need to Talk More About Mental Health at Work

Alyssa Mastromonaco is no stranger to tough conversations: she served as White House deputy chief of staff for operations under President Obama, was an executive at Vice and A&E, and is Senior Advisor and spokesperson at NARAL Pro-Choice America. So when Mastromonaco switched to a new antidepressant, she decided to tell her boss. Read more here Source hbr.org … [Read more...]

4 Analytics Concepts Every Manager Should Understand

Like many professionals, my job doesn’t require expertise in data or analytics. I’m a writer and editor, so I deal with words, not numbers. Still, nearly every knowledge worker today needs to be a regular consumer of data analysis. For example, I need to understand whether and why articles on having a mid-career crisis outperformed ones on receiving feedback or why pieces with particular headlines … [Read more...]

What are you doing to protect your company from insider threats?

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Survey: Tell Us About Your Workplace Relationships

Research has found that employees are more likely to flourish at work when they have high quality workplace relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. These relationships can contribute to greater trust, facilitate information sharing, and engender positive emotional connections. Taken together, this can lead to increased productivity and reduced turnover. Read more here … [Read more...]

How to Prioritize Cybersecurity Risks: A Primer for CISOs

To know where to prioritize, you need to look beyond CVSS scores CISOs and other security leaders know they can't find and fix every vulnerability. Yet, that's what’s expected. So, what can you do? Download the How to Prioritize Cybersecurity Risks ebook here   … [Read more...]