GFI Software warns on impending Halloween malware

The top 10 IT security threats seen during September, says GFI, included a fraudulent online storefront promising cheap HP Touchpads; poisoned search engine results targeting users searching on Yahoo and Bing; and spam promising a US green card to would-be immigrants. According to Chris Boyd (aka Paperghost), a senior threat researcher with the security firm, over the last month, … [Read more...]

Kerio Connect vs Microsoft Exchange

Organizations wishing to operate their own mail servers have a number of different mail server platforms that they can choose between. Two of the leading platforms available today are Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 and Kerio Connect from GFI Software. This article examines the similarities and differences between these two platforms. Organization Size Microsoft Exchange Server can … [Read more...]

Protecting your business from coinminers

Did you know that ESET research has shown that coinminers are the most commonly detected malware that ESET customers encounter? Research from ESET in 2018 revealed that coinminers were the most commonly detected malware that our customers encountered - but what is it and what does it mean for your business? Malicious cryptominers, or coinmining, is a type of malware designed to steal the … [Read more...]

WEF: Cyber-Attacks Are Biggest Business Risk in Europe and US

Cyber-attacks remained the biggest perceived risk of doing business for executives in North America and Europe, and second globally, according to an annual World Economic Forum (WEF) report published yesterday. Compiled from the responses of over 12,900 executives in 133 countries, the Regional Risks for Doing Business 2019 report outlines “the five global risks that you believe to be … [Read more...]

All about malware

You know how every year the medical community campaigns for everyone to get a flu shot? That’s because flu outbreaks typically have a season—a time of year when they start spreading and infecting people. In contrast, there are no predictable seasonal infections for PCs, smartphones, tablets, and enterprise networks. For them, it’s always flu season. But instead of suffering chills and body … [Read more...]

Cyber Security Trends – 2019

Every year, cyber attacks on both business and individuals seem to break new ground. And in 2019, with threat vectors growing and cybercriminals leveraging new hacking tools and techniques, IT security departments will have their work cut out for them. The good news is that the field of cyber security is rising to the challenge and will put up a noble fight in the coming year.  Below you … [Read more...]

Exinda: Software-defined WAN for a better application performance

Exinda SD-WAN can prioritize network traffic from hundreds of applications based on policies you define. Connect offices and to the outside world leveraging all available WAN links.  Define your multi-element WAN Add bandwidth easily Complement with Exinda Network Orchestrator Read more here Watch the webinar demo here … [Read more...]

6 Reasons We Make Bad Decisions, and What to Do About Them

Research has shown that that the typical person makes about 2,000 decisions every waking hour. Most decisions are minor and we make them instinctively or automatically — what to wear to work in the morning, whether to eat lunch now or in ten minutes, etc. But many of the decisions we make throughout the day take real thought, and have serious consequences. Consistently making good decisions is … [Read more...]

Advanced Threat Prevention With Malwarebytes!

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection protects your endpoints with multi-layered, cloud-managed security via a single agent. The right approach to securing the endpoint requires Malwarebytes Multi-Vector Protection. Multi-Vector Protection employs multiple layers of technology to address advanced threats that leverage different attack vectors and techniques. Defend your endpoints against all types … [Read more...]

3 Questions Hiring Managers Want You to Answer

Interviews have an outsize influence on whether you land the job you want. Even though your application materials reflect your lifetime of experience, a few hours of interaction with a recruiting team often ends up being the determining factor in whether you actually get hired. So, clearly you need to stand out. Read more here Source: hbr.org … [Read more...]