Why Enterprises Prize SASE

It’s called SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge – but perhaps only for now. When the next analyst firm puts a label on it, the acronym will have competition, but the letters describing the newest concept in security could spell anything: it’s the solution behind them that matters. SASE was named first by Gartner to … The post Why Enterprises Prize SASE appeared first on Perimeter 81. … [Read more...]

Law Firms: A Lucrative Hacker Target

Compared to banks or tech companies, many might think that lawyers and law firms don’t rank highly on the list of top hacker targets. But experienced hackers know that successfully breaching a corporate law firm with high-profile clients would be a jackpot. Attorney client privilege means that lawyers can know things sensitive to their clients … The post Law Firms: A Lucrative Hacker Target … [Read more...]

Get Granular with a New Feature: User Configuration Profiles

The ABCs of proper network security start with A, of course. A is for Access, and it’s the basic idea that lies at the heart of any secure organization. Employees connecting to essential corporate resources shouldn’t have the same access policies, or else they all represent an equal threat to the organization’s data, and present … The post Get Granular with a New Feature: User Configuration … [Read more...]

Edge Security and Our Strengthening Data Center Backbone

The cloud is synonymous with data centers, making the term much more grounded than its airy nickname lets on. Behind the buzzword, it’s common knowledge that most companies in the world rely on a number of infrastructure, hosting, and computing providers that can be counted on one hand. Providers of the public cloud have been … The post Edge Security and Our Strengthening Data Center … [Read more...]

Can Companies Afford IoT Inclusivity?

The Internet of Things grows more massive with each passing year, as devices gain internet connectivity and impart new convenience on our lives – and in many cases new novelty. No matter if the “thing” in question is a manufacturing robot or a Brita that automatically reorders filters upon expiration, if it can receive instruction … The post Can Companies Afford IoT Inclusivity? … [Read more...]

WireGuard: The New Gold Standard for Encryption

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of complexity on an average enterprise-level organization’s security strategy. Solutions like firewalls, multi-factor authentication, traffic encryption, DNS security, and more are carefully orchestrated to together defend against any and every type of attack, yet the “security sprawl” approach is getting a lot of bad press in the industry lately.  … The … [Read more...]

Zero Trust Brings Shadow IT Into the Light

Shadow IT is an aptly-named phenomenon. It’s the notion that obscured in the shade of official information technology processes, companies often have unofficial tools that aren’t in IT’s direct line of sight. As sources of data, employees who input sensitive information or integrate into unsupported applications will unintentionally expose their companies to untold cyber risk. … The post … [Read more...]

Don’t Neglect SASE’s Impact on Network Performance

In the end-of-2020 cybersecurity word cloud – a swarm in which floats the most frequently seen, heard, and spoken words in the industry – one four letter acronym will appear bigger and bolder than all the rest: SASE. When discussing Secure Access Service Edge, most of the excitement surrounds its unifying characteristics and how IT … The post Don’t Neglect SASE’s Impact on … [Read more...]

Profile of a Cybercriminal: Cryptocurrency Attacks

  It’s true that data has value, just look at Google and Facebook, but blockchain and cryptocurrency take this idea literally. Cryptocurrency is called such because for its hordes of users, cryptography fulfills many of the characteristics that are required to define a “currency” such as verification of ownership and transferability. Data’s value, on the … The post Profile of a … [Read more...]

Security Solutions Escort Banks Through the Cloud Shift

Data is a commodity that has value just like any other: It can be used to pay for products and services (most free apps use your data in exchange for access), it can be bought and sold, and as we all know, it can change hands. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always fall into the right ones, … The post Security Solutions Escort Banks Through the Cloud Shift appeared first on Perimeter 81. … [Read more...]