Remote Monitoring and EDR: Better Together

Some things just work better together. Peanut butter and chocolate. Laurel and Hardy. Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Baseball and hot dogs. Apple pie and Chevrolet®. And now, SolarWinds® RMM and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Read More … [Read more...]

SolarWinds EDR rollback—the time machine is real

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EDR vs. Managed Antivirus—Which Solution is for You?

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EDR vs. Managed Antivirus: What You Need to Know

Layered security is undoubtedly the best defense in the face of current and future threats to your customers’ networks and end users. Read More … [Read more...]

What is EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response)?

Ransomware, malware, phishing, and spear phishing—all clear and present dangers to your customers’ networks, businesses, and personally identifiable information (PII). And now, these attacks are preying on people’s fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding the rise of COVID-19. Read More … [Read more...]