Deploying Your Industrial Cybersecurity: 4 Tips For Success

Securing industrial environments requires a form factor that is optimal for your business. The latest Tenable.ot product updates provide greater freedom to deploy your security and manage threats the way you want to see them. Every modern industrial organization needs a plan for securing their operational technology (OT) environments. If that wasn’t already clear, the latest alerts from the U.S. … [Read more...]

How to Achieve 20/20 Visibility in Your OT Security

With IT assets comprising 20-50% of modern industrial environments, OT security leaders need technology that can deliver visibility across the converged IT/OT attack surface. Think back to a recent security incident that impacted the manufacturing or critical infrastructure community. Whether you are thinking of one that was in the news, one that a colleague relayed to you or perhaps one that you … [Read more...]

Why Accidental Convergence Requires Purposeful Industrial Security

The digital “air gap” is no longer a viable strategy when it comes to securing industrial environments. Here are the safeguards you need to protect against threats across the converged IT/OT landscape. Modern-day industrial and critical infrastructure organizations rely heavily on the operational technology (OT) environment to produce their goods and services. Many organizations are opting to … [Read more...]

Securing Critical Infrastructure: 4 Steps for Reducing Cyber Risk

For critical infrastructure organizations, the gains of automation and IoT technology have also meant heightened threats. These are the steps security directors can take to reduce cyber risk across their industrial operations. Companies and organizations are inherently risk-averse. Having regular and predictable business cycles, cash flows and monthly recurring revenues is rewarded by investors … [Read more...]

When Remote Work Isn’t an Option: Industrial Security in the COVID-19 Era

For utilities and manufacturers tasked with keeping their lights on during the COVID-19 response, scaled-down workforces can pose increased security risks. Here's how to protect your teams and operations from internal and external threats. No matter where in the world you are, the last several weeks have likely drastically altered the norms of daily life. With the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly … [Read more...]

Operational Technology Threats in Automotive: What You Need to Know

When it comes to automotive manufacturing, industrial control systems (ICS) may be the weak link inviting new types of attacks. Here’s what you need to know. Auto manufacturing has become an increasingly popular target today for industrial cyberattacks. Since 2016, the number of annual incidents has increased by 605%, with incidents more than doubling in 2019 alone.1 One reason – advances and … [Read more...]