Overcoming Your Vulnerability Overload with Predictive Prioritization

Tenable introduces Predictive Prioritization, a groundbreaking, data science-based process that re-prioritizes each vulnerability based on the likelihood it will be leveraged in an attack. Are you feeling overloaded by the number of vulnerabilities facing your organization daily? You’re not alone. There were 16,500 new vulnerabilities in 2018. The ‘good’ news is that only 7% of these … [Read more...]

Cyber Risk Management in Transition: Key Findings from ESG’s Cyber Risk Management Survey

A recent ESG report shows the traditional approach to cyber risk management isn’t working anymore, if in fact it ever did. Here, we share four highlights from the report and offer two steps to help improve your organization’s strategy. To gain insight into how cyber risk management is changing to support organizational missions and initiatives, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveyed 340 … [Read more...]

Top 5 Cybersecurity Priorities for 2019: Ponemon Study

<p>We asked 2,410 IT and cybersecurity decision-makers in six countries to identify their top cybersecurity and governance priorities for the New Year. Here’s what we learned.</p> <p>What are your top cybersecurity concerns for 2019? Tenable commissioned Ponemon Institute to conduct a survey of 2,410 IT and cybersecurity professionals in six countries to find … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Identifying Your Organization’s Cyber Exposure Gaps

<p>In part two of our six-part blog series on improving your cybersecurity strategy, we discuss the need for a holistic approach and provide three tips to help you answer the question “where are we exposed?”</p> <p>Piecemeal security efforts often result in overlapping alarms and gaping security holes. Taking a holistic approach to a security strategy is a far more successful way … [Read more...]

Uncovering the Business Costs of Cyber Risk: Ponemon Study

<p>Study finds organizations are not accurately measuring the business costs of cyber risk, and are unable to quantify the damage cyber attacks could have on their businesses, leaving them without the critical information needed to make decisions about resource allocation, technology investments and threat prioritization.</p> <p>Unlike other business disciplines (CRM, ERP, HR), … [Read more...]

Vulnerability Intelligence Report: A Risk-Centric Approach To Prioritization

<p>Tenable Research set out to provide organizations with the real-world data they need to take a risk-centric approach to vulnerability management.</p> <p>Insight into the true state of cyber exposure - how defenders are actually acting - not how they think or say they are, has so far been difficult to discern.</p> <p>The newly released <a … [Read more...]

Four Cybersecurity Questions Every CISO Should Be Ready to Answer

In part one of our six-part blog series on improving your cybersecurity strategy, we discuss how the industry’s reliance on a hyper-compartmentalized approach is making everyone less secure, and we share the four key questions every CISO should able to answer. IT infrastructure often grows up with a company. New tools, applications, systems, and user profiles are bolted onto the greater whole as … [Read more...]