Complexity kills. Simplicity succeeds: Why Thycotic beats CyberArk in new vendor evaluation

A new vendor evaluation analyst report from the UK-based Cyber Management Alliance, puts Thycotic’s Privileged Access Management solution—Secret Server—at the top of its Leaderboard, ahead of the traditional 800-pound gorilla in the PAM space, CyberArk. Based on an extensive evaluation list of criteria, the CM-Alliance makes very clear why Thycotic tops their preferred vendor list.  … [Read more...]

2018 Global State of Privileged Access Management Risk and Compliance: Part 1

Most companies are FALLING SHORT on compliance when it comes to privileged accounts! Thycotic’s research shows Privileged Access Management is a Top Risk and Compliance requirement, yet it’s significantly failing to be fully implemented meaning that most companies fall short on compliance for privileged access. The majority of organizations begin to implement Privileged Access Management … [Read more...]

RSA Conference 2018: A secure internet starts with YOU, and it’s everyone’s responsibility

It was another quiet morning, though this might have been because it was around 5am in the morning and I was still struggling to adjust to the time zone change from Tallinn, Estonia to San Francisco—a measly 10 hours.  I knew the days that lay ahead would be interesting but fun.  Yes, it is that time of the year again: RSA Conference 2018 was just about to begin and it was going to be a very busy … [Read more...]

Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2018: The Top Takeaways

It has been a very interesting past year with a few surprises along the way, but as expected cyber-crime grew significantly; financial impact was huge and many companies struggled to recover from cyber-attacks. Cyber security—or the lack of it—is rapidly impacting everyone’s daily life and there is no longer a disconnect between personal and work life. In the past cyber-attacks were usually only a … [Read more...]

Key takeaways from the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

The latest installment of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2018 is now available. It’s the 11th edition of the report, and not surprisingly, it reveals that hackers have continued to be very successful at using their hacking techniques (many which are well known) and we have failed to stop them. “HACKERS CONTINUE TO USE KNOWN EXPLOITS” This report is a must-read for cyber security … [Read more...]

RSA 2018: Top 5 Sessions You Can’t Miss

The USA 2018 RSA Conference is only a few weeks away and around 45,000 IT security professionals will be arriving in San Francisco to discuss one of the biggest risks and threats to our future, countries, economies and civilization. Yes, cyber security and how to prevent future cyber-wars will be one of the main topics of the conference, among many others. RSA is a major cyber security event and … [Read more...]

Will Fake News Lead to the Next Cyber War?

Fake news is running rampant across all media outlets. While you may not take them seriously, these untrue news stories are playing with your emotions and have serious security implications. With over half the world’s population online and using social media, news travels fast. And sometimes the wrong news gets spread. What happens when it’s by our most trusted news source? How are readers able to … [Read more...]

The EU GDPR Checklist: It’s go time!

Yes, you’ve all heard about it. Many companies have been raising the alarm and increasing awareness about GDPR—General Data Protection Regulation—for months now, all offering solutions for anything at all to do with GDPR. It’s caused a lot of confusion, raised many questions—and organizations have no idea where to start. Many assume they are excluded and do not need to do anything—this is not … [Read more...]

New South Wales Government failure highlights critical nature of PAM

The New South Wales Government’s cyber security strategy is under urgent review after Auditor’s Offices criticised the way its agencies are handling privileged access and other basic security practices. At the end of last year (20th December 2017) the government of New South Wales received an unwelcome Christmas present from its own Auditor’s Office. This came in the shape of an 82-page report … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ways to Win your CEO/CTOs Heart

In today’s always-connected world it’s important to realize that, historically and traditionally, cybersecurity was the responsibility of the IT department. Any time a cyber incident or data breach occurred or security questions arose, these got deferred to IT for the answers. Failure to translate cyber risk into business risk has left many businesses clueless But with today’s massive data … [Read more...]