What Steps Can UK Universities Take to Prevent a Data Breach?

Cyber-attacks on UK universities are on the rise, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Universities hold vast amounts of sensitive data, and like most Government funded institutions, typically operate on a limited budget. A university may hold thousands of student records, with each record containing a wealth of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as names, ages, … [Read more...]

Why You Should Consider Sharing the Results of Your Security Audit with Your Employees

According to a recent survey by Syncsort, there are inconsistencies relating to how confident companies are about the strength of their cyber-security posture, and how well they actually fare when it comes to protecting their systems and data. 85% of the respondents expressed confidence in their ability to stave off cyber-security threats, while 41% admitted to suffering a security breach. … [Read more...]

Why CISOs and Lawyers Need to Work Together for GDPR Implementation

Despite the GDPR being over a year old, there still exists a gap between legal and technical that makes guidance more difficult to craft and implement. Despite the fact that the General Data Protection Regulation being probably the most famous compliance regulation in the world, many organizations are still struggling fully understand what’s required of them. An honest and frank look at the way … [Read more...]

Protecting Cities from Ransomware Attacks

Over the last 12 months, we have seen a large number of cities in the USA become the victim of sophisticated ransomware attacks, including New York, Washington, Atlanta, Maryland and more. Baltimore, the most recent victim in this wave of ransomware attacks, experienced their second attack in the last 12 months. Thousands of computers in Baltimore’s city government were completely frozen on the … [Read more...]

Universities Need to Do More to Protect Their Sensitive Data

A recent study carried out by VMware and Dell EMC, has confirmed that UK universities are struggling to keep their sensitive data safe. The study, which was conducted between November and December 2018, included 75 senior IT leaders at 68 universities. 49% of universities said that a cyber-attack is attempted on their institution daily or more than once a week, with 49% stating that their overall … [Read more...]

What is Group Policy (GPO) and What Role Does It Play in Data Security

First things first, what is Group Policy? Group Policy is a feature of Windows that facilitates a wide variety of advanced settings that network administrators can use to control the working environment of users and computer accounts in Active Directory. It essentially provides a centralized place for administrators to manage and configure operating systems, applications and users’ settings. Group … [Read more...]

GDPR Subject Access Requests: Why Are Companies Failing to Respond?

Approximately one year ago, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, and it has arguably made a significant impact on organizations across all sectors. Since the 25 May 2018, the GDPR has issued a total of €55.96m in fines. To be fair, most of this sum was accumulated by Google. Google was fined €50m by French data regulator for “failing to provide users with … [Read more...]

How to Manage Network Share Permissions

Every admin worth his or her salt knows all about how to set up network file sharing in their Windows environment. The process is a fairly simple one and hasn’t really changed since Windows 2003. The difficulty comes when admins are asked to amend permissions to folders on a daily basis. If admins are being asked to assign permissions to folders continuously, there may be a tendency at some point … [Read more...]

Why CISOs are Suffering from Increasing Levels of Stress

When it comes to the world of cyber-security, it’s practically impossible to predict what is around the corner, and it’s no surprise that CISOs are struggling to keep their heads above the water. They are required to deal with a wide-range of attack vectors including APTs, Phishing, DDoS, Ransomware, Cryptojacking, Formjacking, “brute force” password attacks, and more. To … [Read more...]

Is GDPR Working? Rise in Reported Data Breaches Suggests So

Over the last year we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of data breaches being reporting to the ICO under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since the GDPR took effect in May of 2018, it seems that awareness over cybersecurity issues and the obligations organizations have to report breaches has increased. We can see that this increase is reflected in the statistics. The Irish … [Read more...]