National Computer Security Day—It’s Not Just About the Computer Anymore

The month of October was National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and we ran a … [Read more...]

November 2020 Patch Tuesday Update: 111 CVE Numbers Addressed

This has been an interesting Patch Tuesday for me, mainly because this is the first month of using Microsoft’s new version of its … [Read more...]

US-CERT Releases Warning to Healthcare Organizations about Elevated Ransomware Risks

Yesterday, US-CERT issued a … [Read more...]

EDR Is Now Integrated with SolarWinds RMM

While I generally don’t write about product releases directly, it’s important to do so when they add value to our partners’ ability to protect their customers from today’s threats. Read More … [Read more...]

October 2020 Patch Tuesday—Smaller than usual, but some systems need patching now

This October Patch Tuesday is the first batch this year that fixes less than 100 vulnerabilities. But don’t be fooled by that, as there are several in this group that do warrant your attention. This month Microsoft fixed a total of 88 vulnerabilities, with 11 marked as “Critical,” and the rest “Important” with one “Moderate” exception. Pay special attention to the “Important” ones I cover this … [Read more...]

September 2020 Patch Tuesday—A Higher Count of Critical Vulnerabilities

As we head into September, Microsoft fixed another large chunk of vulnerabilities this month. While none of the “Critical” vulnerabilities appear to be under active attack (at the time of review), there is a higher count of vulnerabilities Microsoft has chosen to label as “Critical”—at least in comparison to the last few months. Read More … [Read more...]

August 2020 Patch Tuesday—No Emergencies but Plenty to Review

This Patch Tuesday follows the 2020 trend of 100+ vulnerabilities, but unlike last month, no major alarm bells to sound. August brings us fixes for 120 unique vulnerabilities, with 17 of them listed as “Critical,” with 97 listed as “Important.” Only a handful are listed as “Low” or “Moderate.” There are, however, a few listed as “Exploitation More Likely,” and one is listed as “Exploitation … [Read more...]

July 2020 Patch Tuesday Update—Not the Largest, But a Few to Pay Attention to Now

I’m beginning to think 100+ vulnerabilities in each Patch Tuesday is the “new normal” for Microsoft, as that’s been the range all year. This July release is important because of a few surprises that need immediate attention. This month there are 123 vulnerabilities fixed, with 18 of them marked “Critical” and 106 marked “Important.” While there are no “Exploit Detected” items as of this writing, … [Read more...]

Rare CVSS 10 Vulnerability Disclosed for Microsoft DNS Servers: Please Read

Be on the lookout for my typical Patch Tuesday blog tomorrow but one particularly stands out that we wanted to let you know about ASAP. As you may have already seen, on July 14, Microsoft disclosed a vulnerability for those running Microsoft DNS servers and/or Active Directory environments, and issued a patch.  Read More … [Read more...]

Is the Business World Ready for DNS Over HTTPS (DoH)? 

DNS is one of the older networking protocols in the modern technology stack. It was first invented in 1983 and was given a standard in 1987 after the … [Read more...]