Exinda Management Center update

In today’s TechTalk article we’re going to review the latest update to the Exinda Management Center. Designed as a solution for organizations that have a need to manage network health and application performance across multiple locations, the Exinda Management Center offers IT professionals within your organization the ability to administer various network policies and to […] … [Read more...]

Kerio Control vulnerability fix

In today’s world of constant threats, data at rest isn’t the only data that needs to be protected with encryption. With the amount of data traversing the internet, the encryption of data in transit is just as important. Whether internet traffic or VPN traffic, data protection is crucial. Kerio Control VPN has always done a […] … [Read more...]

GFI MailEssentials Multi-Server

GFI MailEssentials is a powerful and complete solution that provides anti-spam, anti-malware, and email security for on-premises mail servers. With its new multi-server feature, it became easier than ever to use and manage in large organizations. Let’s have a look at what this feature is and what it provides.   Multi-Server Feature Larger environments typically […] … [Read more...]

Exinda Network Orchestrator Hardware Update

The Exinda Network Orchestrator appliance is purpose built for Network Managers and Administrators who want one solution to manage the way users, traffic, devices, and applications behave on the network. With Exinda Network Orchestrator, organizations can ensure reliable application performance, identify and control bandwidth usages, and understand network activity. The newest model (4062v2) is a … [Read more...]

Kerio Connect vs Microsoft Exchange

Organizations wishing to operate their own mail servers have a number of different mail server platforms that they can choose between. Two of the leading platforms available today are Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 and Kerio Connect from GFI Software. This article examines the similarities and differences between these two platforms. Organization Size Microsoft Exchange Server […] … [Read more...]

Is your network bandwidth used properly?

Is your network bandwidth used properly? Nowadays we hear a lot “I don’t know why it’s taking so long to load the webpage”, “what’s happening to my connection” and the list can be infinite. In most cases, when users complain that their network is slow, there is a high chance the network bandwidth is overloaded. […] … [Read more...]