Managing reporting to build customer confidence

How do your customers know what services you are providing? What level of detail do your invoices illustrate? These are important questions with a wide range of answers.   Read More … [Read more...]

MSPs—Should You Charge for Quotes?

I often get complaints from MSPs who say they worked up an entire quote to redo an office or multi-location network, only to find the customer went off and purchased everything on their own. The next question invariably is, “Should I charge for my quotes?” My answer is always the same. No, you should not charge for your quotes. However, it is perfectly acceptable to charge for your designs. This … [Read more...]

As an MSP, How Do You Charge for Travel?

Making sure you cover your costs of doing business is critically important. There are many costs that remain consistent from client to client, but one that does not is travel.  Read More … [Read more...]

When customers grow big enough for in-house IT, MSPs can still grow with them

If you are doing a great job for your customers and they are good at what they do, eventually they will grow. They may even grow large enough to need internal IT staff; however, this doesn’t have to mean you will lose your customer.  Read More … [Read more...]

Social Selling—What Is It and How Do You Use It as an MSP?

According to … [Read more...]

Six steps to onboarding customers properly

It is generally agreed that standardization is a major factor in the profitability of a managed service provider (MSP). Recently, we were working on a project where we attempted to define MSP standardization. We definitely over-simplified things, but in terms of standardization, I believe there are three main levels. While this is a very simple way to view standardization, it helps to quickly … [Read more...]

Customers: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

For many smaller MSPs, getting the right customers may not seem as important as getting ANY customers, so it’s easy to see how it often gets ignored. With any business, you have three categories of customers (good, bad, and ugly). In this article, I am going to describe them so that you can identify them, learn how to attract and convert the right ones, and lastly, know how to get rid of the … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Customers On Board with New Technologies

Are you having trouble getting customers to adopt new technologies? Are you struggling to convince them to move to the cloud or to SaaS-based applications?  Then stop selling the tech!  Read More … [Read more...]

Should You Standardize “Tech” Across Your Clients?

There was a time when I thought I was doing my clients a favor by adapting to their technology stack and not forcing them to adopt a standard range of devices. It was part of my value proposition. I was saving them money. I was their hero.  Then I hired another technician, and the nightmares began.   A Question of Scale Read More … [Read more...]

4 Top Marketing Tools for MSPs

There are many tools out there for marketing your MSP. This blog is not a review or recommendation of specific products; instead, it is an examination of types of products you can utilize to create a simple, effective, and sustainable marketing program. A consistent marketing program should help you fill your sales funnel in a smooth, predictable manner without overwhelming you or your … [Read more...]