Recognizing the Red Flags of Customer Churn

<p>Earlier this year, we did some <a href="https://www.solarwindsmsp.com/about-us/press/press-releases/new-report-…; target="_blank">research on churn and managed services providers</a> (MSPs).&nbsp;&nbsp;We were staggered by the statistics that in North America, for every four customers gained each month, the average MSP lost three. Read More … [Read more...]

How to Encourage Your Techs to Document Properly 

<p>Documentation is important to any business. To managed services providers (MSPs) it is even more so. Read More … [Read more...]

Building a Referral-Based Sales Funnel 

<p>The Achilles heel of many IT service providers is sales and marketing. For quite a while, providers have been able to grow organically through word-of-mouth referrals mostly due to the lack of coordinated marketing efforts in the IT sector. However, as more entrepreneurs enter the market with dedicated marketing staff, getting referrals has become more … [Read more...]

The Role of Security in the Sales Process

<p>It is no secret anymore that the number one reason customers leave their current IT provider is due to a security issue. Therefore, as we are prospecting for new customers a good percentage of them will be looking for a more security conscious managed services provider (MSP). For this reason, our approach to selling IT services needs to be more security focused than … [Read more...]

13 Tips for Proactively Retaining Customers

<p>Service providers of any kind make more money the longer they can retain customers. This goes for incident-based providers as much as managed services providers (MSPs).&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>So, what can service companies do to keep break/fix customers coming back for more and prevent managed customers from leaving?&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Read More … [Read more...]

Win or Learn—Never Lose

<p><i></i>Nelson Mandela once said, "I never lose. I either win or I learn.”&nbsp;I consider these among a select group of words I live by. Losing is not final; it represents the opportunity to try again with more knowledge than you had last time.&nbsp;Thomas Edison encapsulated this thought in his famous quote, “I have not failed. Read More … [Read more...]

Opportunities for the MSP in a Fast-Growing Market

<p>A fast-growing market offers opportunities for many B2B oriented businesses. The bonus for IT service providers is that all sizes and all types of businesses need your services. It doesn’t matter if only one vertical is booming—that vertical depends on IT. From attorneys to retail stores, the dependency on IT is universal and therefore opportunities exist everywhere for MSPs. The key is … [Read more...]

The Path from Reactive to Proactive

<p>Many IT service providers want to move from reactive to proactive service models.&nbsp;The benefits of recurring revenue, higher profit margins, and more predictable growth are just some of the reasons they aspire to the managed services model.&nbsp;However, there can be significant barriers to moving from reactive to proactive.&nbsp;This article is designed to define the … [Read more...]

Prioritizing Automation—What Do You Need to Do Now And What Can Wait?

<p><i></i>The problem with the question in this headline is that it all matters and nothing should have to wait.&nbsp;If it did not matter, your clients would not be paying you to do it.&nbsp;</p> Read More … [Read more...]

When Should You Consider a Merger or Partnership?

<p>Mergers and acquisitions (M&amp;As) are becoming more prevalent across the IT services industry. This trend is being seen on both the vendor and customer sides of the market.&nbsp;So, why are so many IT service providers making the leap to acquire or be acquired? What are the benefits? And are there any other options?</p> Read More … [Read more...]