September 2019  – Microsoft Patch Tuesday  

  I guess it was inevitable. The Patch Tuesday I’m scrambling to get a hundred things done in two days before traveling is when Microsoft releases an “extra large” slates of fixes.   This is not only a hefty Patch Tuesday; it’s also an important one. Two of the critical updates patch zero-day vulnerabilities. Zero-day […] … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup  – August 2019

August is over, and that always comes with a bittersweet aura. In Texas, we’re happy to see the intense heat take its leave and make way for the crisp coolness of fall – but it also signals the impending end of summer fun and the hectic holiday months ahead. August may be a “lazy” month […] … [Read more...]

Spear phishing: a dangerous sport

Hacks, Cracks, and Malware Attacks The term “spear fishing” might conjure up images of an ancient method of hunting an aquatic dinner, a sport once considered (but rejected) as an Olympic category, but the alternate spelling means something very different to those in the IT field. Spear phishing is a less widely known subcategory of […] … [Read more...]

August  2019 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday  

Patch Central Some like it hot. If that describes you, August in Texas should be right up your alley. We’ve been “enjoying” 100° F temperatures for the past few days, which has me daydreaming about taking another cruise to Alaska as summer goes out in a blaze of glory. Hot or not, the attackers never […] … [Read more...]

3rd Party Patch Roundup – July 2019

Patch Central – Third Party Patch Roundup  – July 2019 As July comes to an end, summer is winding down in most of the northern hemisphere. Parents and children in many areas are starting to prepare for the beginning of a new school year.  Parts of Europe will soon be experiencing “August shutdown” as many […] … [Read more...]

Navigating the maze of regulatory compliance

Compliance Matters Navigating the maze of regulatory compliance Once upon a time, being an IT professional was relatively simple – and not just in terms of the technology itself. Today it’s a maze of complexity on several levels. This new monthly blog post will delve into the compliance issues that are facing IT today and […] … [Read more...]

July 2019 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday

Patch Central We’re now well into the long, hot summer of 2019 and many of us would like nothing more than a day at the beach with a refreshing drink and the ocean breeze blowing our hair. For most of us, though, today is not that day. As usual on the second Tuesday of the […] … [Read more...]

Hacks, cracks, and malware attacks – July 2019 

Each month, we’ll take a look at what’s happening on the front lines of the battle against various types of cyber-attacks, new variants of malicious software, phishing and other scams, vulnerability exploits, and other threats to the security of your networks, systems, and data.  There was a time, not so long ago, when the only […] … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup  – June 2019

Patch Central Third Party Patch Roundup  – June 2019 As June comes to an end and we slide into the second half of this year that has gone by so quickly, security remains a number one concern for IT pros with a number of municipalities in Florida hit by cyberattacks, telcos around the world losing […] … [Read more...]

Third Party Patch Roundup – May 2019

Patch Central Third Party Patch Roundup  – May 2019 May brought stormy weather to much of the United States, with at least twenty-five “tornado events” occurring across multiple states. Luckily, the majority were considered relatively weak (F0 or F2 rating on the Fujita scale).   Meanwhile, IT professionals continue to weather the virtual storms of […] … [Read more...]