Auditing Software with Chocolatey

Knowing what software is installed on your desktops and servers is crucial in an organization. This is common sense to sysadmins. We like to know information such as installation date, version and who installed it. By default, in Windows, you can get some of this information, but not all of it. It also helps to find packages that need to be upgraded to newer versions. … [Read more...]

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Run Linux on Windows 10 without a Virtual Machine with WSL

There once was a time where the worlds of Microsoft and Linux were greatly at odds. Each faction trying to destroy the other and win the war of the operating systems. Times have changed. … [Read more...]

Managing Windows Services with Puppet

Puppet may be a Linux-based system but it still boasts many Windows functions. Here is how you can manage Windows services with Puppet. … [Read more...]

Implementing Chocolatey Self-Service for Non-Admin Users

In this article, I will show how to deploy the Chocolatey Agent Service which allows end users to use a GUI to choose what packages to install or uninstall. … [Read more...]

Remote Into Other Computers – OpenSSH on Windows

If you manage both Windows and Linux in your environment (which almost everyone does) why would you want to use more than one method to remotely manage computers? … [Read more...]

Testing Puppet Code Using the Vagrant Provisioner

Vagrant is an excellent tool used for testing out applications deployments and scripts. It is lightweight, fast, and allows you to bring up environments quickly. Vagrant supplies several “provisioners” that allow boxes to be configured via shell script or using various configuration management solutions like Puppet, Ansible and Salt. … [Read more...]

Setting up an Internal Chocolatey Package Repository

If your organization is serious about using Chocolatey as a means for Windows package management, then setting up your own internal package repository is a must. … [Read more...]

How To Create Multi-Machine Environments With Vagrant

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