W. Curtis Preston (aka “Mr. Backup”) Joins Druva

Why in the world did someone like me who has never worked for a vendor finally decide to work for one? More to the point: Why did I choose Druva? The short answer is that I believe Druva is the company that’s best situated to take advantage of the coming cloud revolution. Druva’s Time Has ComeI like to say that Druva was a product before its time, but now its time has come. Druva did a lot of … [Read more...]

How Business Leaders Are Accelerating Their Cloud Journey with Druva

Innovating for our customers’ current and future needs in their cloud journeys drives everything we do at Druva. That’s why we continue to listen to their challenges and collaborate with them on how we can provide even better solutions when moving their workloads to multi-cloud environments. Our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) program is a key part of continuing an open dialogue with our customers. … [Read more...]

Druva Makes CRN’s 2018 Security 100 List

We’re honored to announce that Druva has been recognized as one of the top security companies in the “Identity Management and Data Protection” category of CRN’s 2018 Security 100 list. We provide data protection that’s simple, comprehensive, cost-effective, and secure — and we’re proud to be recognized for our success in doing that. The ever-growing use of mobile devices and cloud apps has made … [Read more...]

Druva announces its expanded cross-cloud data protection platform

Still afraid of the cloud? Apparently not – security concerns about the cloud have lessened, and that’s one of the reasons why Cisco predicts1 cloud-computing workloads will make up 95% of data center traffic by 2021. And that traffic will triple, from 6 to 19.5 zettabytes, accommodating diverse apps from security and IoT to enterprise resource planning (ERP). However, the right data management … [Read more...]

The GDPR Effect and Football

In the United States, we often believe that we have a corner on the market when it comes to the game of football. However, the game that Americans refer to as football does not require players to use their feet as much as they have to in other countries’ versions of the game.  One would never think to consider that GDPR would have an effect on the game of football, especially not in America, but … [Read more...]

Druva Receives Six Stevie® Awards for Customer Service

Druva has always strived for world-class customer service and satisfaction, and 2017 was no different. Because of this commitment, Druva was presented with our third Stevie award in a row for Excellence in Customer Service and Support. I want to sincerely thank our phenomenal customers for the ratings we receive on service metrics, which resulted in Druva receiving six customer service awards this … [Read more...]

SaaS vs Software Hosted in VMs in the Cloud

There are two very different consumption models in the cloud: cloud native and hosted. The differences between these two models could not be more striking or more important. First, I’ll explain how the two models are different, and then I’ll explain why those differences are important.I didn’t get it eitherWhen I first heard that Druva was a “cloud native” app, or “designed for the cloud,” I … [Read more...]

Achieving the Best of Both Worlds: 1TB/hr Restores + the Benefits & Cost Efficiency of Native Cloud

Do you think it’s impossible to achieve a 1 TB per hour (1TB/hr) restores in the cloud? Think again. We are proud to announce that Druva has exceeded the 1TB/hr performance threshold, providing businesses with a clear path to adopt the cloud for server backup and recovery — without having to complicate their on-premises environment. As a result, our customers are able to lower their TCO … [Read more...]

Druva Expands Its Data Protection Capabilities with Hyper-V Support

For companies that want to protect their Hyper-V environments and the ever-growing amount of structured and unstructured data that reside in them, there still too often exists an ineffective, on-premises secondary storage architecture that has been created to try and meet their needs. This architecture is complex and comes with heavy administrative overhead and infrastructure costs. To address … [Read more...]

Druva at Tech Field Day Extra — VMworld 2017

Whether you’re working with a small startup or a large enterprise, Druva can give you piece of mind by providing an easy, scalable, and robust disaster recovery service. All of your data will be seamlessly and effortlessly backed up in the cloud, so you’ll no longer have to constantly worry about data management, current backups, or offsite storage. All of your data and hypervisor infrastructure … [Read more...]