Don’t Get Bitten by Schrödinger’s Backup

There are two sayings you can find in virtually every article about data protection: "If your data doesn't exist in at least two places, then it doesn’t exist," and "If you can't restore your data, then it doesn’t exist." This is for good reason; not testing backups and (believe it or not) not having backups are the two most common business-affecting mistakes that IT teams make. Read More … [Read more...]

Do You Need an On-Premises Storage Vault? Part 2: Why cloud first counts

At the core of the on-premises data protection vault discussion is the recovery point objective (RPO) problem. RPO measures the amount of data considered acceptable to lose for a given workload.  Read More … [Read more...]

Do You Need an On-Premises Storage Vault? Part 1: Understanding the basics

Data protection has traditionally involved an on-premises storage vault, but as data protection solutions evolve, this requirement is becoming increasingly optional. While doing away with on-premises storage vaults may help you eliminate some costs and complexity, it can open you up to risk as it removes an important layer of defense in the event of a disaster. Understanding how "cloud-first" data … [Read more...]

The Problem of Complexity in Modern Backup Software

Data protection is a complicated endeavor. This is largely because IT is a complicated endeavor, and data protection involves backing up all the data from existing IT deployments while maintaining the ability to bring some or all of that IT back online in case of an emergency. Once, this complexity was a great way to ensure job security for systems administrators. Today, it’s ballooned into a … [Read more...]