What is the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)?

With the introduction of the GDPR, Europe showed the world that it was taking data privacy and data security laws seriously. Whatever your opinions are on the effects of the GDPR and how GDPR breaches are being handled, it can’t be denied that the thinking behind it is rational. It was only a matter of time before other countries followed suit. In the USA, there is still yet to be … Read … [Read more...]

Why It Pays to Monitor Your Employees

According to the 2019 Data Exposure Report (DER), commissioned and published by Code42, employees are still considered to be the #1 cause of data breaches. The survey was carried out by independent UK-based research group, Sapio Research, and included 1,028 IT security professionals and 615 business executives from companies across Europe and the United States. When questioned about whether they … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Managing Your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Strategy

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a broad term that refers to a collection of techniques designed to prevent sensitive data either falling into the wrong hands or being corrupted in some way. Such techniques include controlling and monitoring access to sensitive data, and any devices/networks that store the data. While firewalls, IDPS and anti-virus solutions are useful for analysing and restricting … [Read more...]

10 Questions You Should Ask to Prevent A Data Breach

Almost 15 billion data records have been lost or stolen since 2013 – an issue that affects North America disproportionately more than other parts of the world. Should a company fall victim to an effective data breach, it could result in a loss of reputation, and could incur heavy financial losses. According to the 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report by the Ponemon Institute, the global average cost … [Read more...]

The Cost of Data Breaches in 2019

What’s the cost of data breaches in 2019? Is the cost of data breaches increasing? These are not easy questions to answer, as the answer generally depends on what country and industry the breach occurs in. Recent figures suggest that the cost of data breaches in 2019 range from anywhere between $1.25 million to $8.19 million. Cybersecurity is a difficult topic to get accurate measurables for, … [Read more...]

How to Overcome the Skills Gap in Healthcare Cybersecurity

The shortage of qualified, experienced cybersecurity professionals is a problem that faces all industry verticals, not simply the healthcare industry. However, the increased need for cybersecurity talent to help combat evolving threats (including the rise of wearable healthcare technology) has led to official guidance from the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council (HPH SCC) on … [Read more...]

The Three Steps Towards Zero Trust

With corporate networks becoming increasingly more complex and distributed, the notion that we can build a giant wall around our data to keep the bad guys out, is an outdated one. Well, almost… There are still many high-profile cases where hackers were able to bypass perimeter defences by exploiting endpoint vulnerabilities and then move laterally throughout the network, with practically no … [Read more...]

Have the Data Breaches in Q1 2019 Taught Us Anything?

Those who assumed that the introduction of new compliance regulations and the rising awareness of cybersecurity threats would cause data breaches to decline in 2019 were unfortunately mistaken. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, there were 281 reported data breaches with over 4.5 billion records exposed. Cybercriminals are often much faster at adopting new technology for attacks than … [Read more...]