Are you experiencing disruptions with MDaemon or Security Gateway?

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved. Please restart MDaemon or Security Gateway. If you are currently experiencing a disruption with MDaemon or Security Gateway, please disable (uncheck) “Outbreak Protection.” We are working with Cyren to fix the issue. MDaemon users can disable this feature via Security | Outbreak Protection. Security Gateway users can disable this feature via … [Read more...]

MailStore 12.1 Now Available – with Improved Performance, Security and Usability

MailStore, the feature-packed email archiving solution, has been updated with new features and enhancements for better security, performance, and an overall better user experience. Here’s a brief overview of these improvements. Refreshed look for Outlook Add-in: Updated Icons for consistency with the latest versions of Outlook The MailStore Outlook Add-in has been redesigned with a more … [Read more...]

New PayPal Phishing Scam Goes After Your Social Security Number and Photos

This week, we learned of a new phishing campaign targeting PayPal users in an attempt to extract as much personal data as possible. The campaign is spread via an email claiming to be from PayPal’s notification center warning users that their account was accessed from another browser or device. The recipient is then prompted to click on a button which opens an online form owned by the … [Read more...]

15 Best Practices for Protecting Your Email with Security Gateway

Despite the rumors announcing the death of email, its use continues to grow. According to research from the Radicati Group, email traffic is predicted to grow to over 333.2 billion emails sent per day (from the current 306.4 billion emails). And as long as businesses continue to use email, cybercriminals will find new ways to exploit security gaps, software bugs, and basic human nature to extort … [Read more...]

Protect Office 365 with Security Gateway for Email

At about this time last year, Office 365 had around 155 million users, and businesses continue to adopt its services at a rate of around 3 million users per month. But as subscription rates continue to grow, it becomes a growing target for cybercriminals to spread phishing and ransomware attacks. A big drawback of such a large hosted service is that if cybercriminals manage to take over one of its … [Read more...]

Microsoft is Ending Support for Windows 7. Here’s how to Move MDaemon and Security Gateway to the Latest OS

Today, Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7. And while MDaemon and Security Gateway continue to support Windows 7, it’s a good idea to consider updating your Windows installation or migrating to an updated system. Fortunately for MDaemon and Security Gateway users, moving to a new server isn’t a complicated process. Moving MDaemon to a New Server or OS Moving MDaemon to a new server using the … [Read more...]

Year in Review – Our Top New Features of 2019

With 2019 coming to a close, I’d like to announce a few product updates. 2020 is going to be an exciting year for new features, but until then, we’ve made a few improvements in MDaemon, MDaemon Connector for Outlook, and Security Gateway for Email Servers. New Security Features Macro Detection in Email Attachments A common tactic used by scammers to distribute malware is to send emails containing … [Read more...]

Weekly News Roundup – November 25, 2019

This week, we begin our weekly roundup of the latest stories and events in the field of email, email security, phishing, data breaches, regulations, and trends. Ransomware in the News I’m old enough to remember life without a computer in the house, so I was a bit surprised to learn that the first ransomware attack happened 30 years ago! Cybercriminals have come a long way since 1989 as they … [Read more...]

Business Email Compromise Discussed on NPR’s Morning Edition

Earlier this week, I heard an interesting interview on NPR’s Morning Edition with a recent victim of Business Email Compromise (BEC), a growing threat that uses social engineering to exploit human nature in order to divert massive amounts of money to cybercriminals. Recent Business Email Compromise Trends show Evolving Tactics First, let’s start with a little background information. In … [Read more...]

Security Gateway 6.5 – With Improved Attachment Handling & Database Support

If you’re in charge of managing your company’s email, whether you’re running an in-house Exchange server or Office 365, you’ve certainly become all too familiar with the latest threats posed by cybercriminals – threats that go far beyond the old-school Nigerian Prince email scam that has become the brunt of jokes over the past couple of decades. So if protecting your … [Read more...]