The First Steps with Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition for IT Administrators

Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition provides a wide range of helpful new features. Administrators have plenty of options for providing Parallels Desktop to new users. When employees need Windows on their Mac computer, the IT department must first install and configure Parallels Desktop on the clients and distribute and configure the Windows VM (including the application software) to those … [Read more...]

Parallels and Synnex Australia Announce Strategic Distribution Agreement

Parallels® has formed a new strategic distribution agreement with Synnex Australia, a leading IT solutions aggregator with a strong channel heritage in Australia. Synnex Australia now distributes Parallels’ solutions to more than 6,000 channel partners across the region so they can empower businesses to cost-effectively deploy virtual Windows desktops and apps to any device, seamlessly run Windows … [Read more...]

How Companies Can Benefit from Parallels Desktop during the Pandemic and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted both everyday life and company workflows. Long-standing processes have faltered or become useless as a result of site closures or reduced headcount. Companies are challenged by the fact that employees are unable to take home all of the necessary equipment from the office as there is often a shortage of mobile hardware. Desktop computers sit in the office … [Read more...]

What Companies Appreciate from Big Sur, Apple’s Latest macOS Release

Mac users are not the only ones that were excited about the new macOS release, Big Sur. Organizations also benefit from several new features.  The new version’s reworked user interface is its most easily discernible difference. Program icons now have rounded corners, the Control Center menu for changing basic settings can be found in the upper right corner of your screen—that would … [Read more...]

Untidy Bedrooms, Tidy Online Meetings

Many of us are still working from home at the moment and might be lacking proper equipment for this purpose. The high proportion of home office workers presents a tremendous challenge not only for those concerned but for their IT departments as well. Before attending to these, however, a few basic remarks about working at and from a desk at home might be advisable:   Video Calls Whoever … [Read more...]

How to Run Among Us on a Mac

Unfortunately, Among Us is not officially supported on Mac. Fortunately, the game does work on Windows using Parallels® Desktop for Mac. Parallels Desktop runs Steam on Windows, which means if your computer meets the requirements you can run the game, even on a Mac. For those casual gamers out there, that don’t necessarily have a super gaming PC, Parallels does a great job of running quite a few … [Read more...]

Considering Chromebooks? Get an insider’s peek at the latest Chrome OS capabilities

Guest blog post by Sheilan Lothian, Director B2B Messaging & Enablement at Corel. The transition to cloud-based working was already well underway when the COVID-19 pandemic kicked it into high gear.    Earlier this year, Google and Parallels partnered to support and streamline this transition with Parallels® Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise, the world’s first software to run Windows … [Read more...]

Parallels Desktop for Mac Promos, Special Offers and Discounts

Parallels Desktop Black Friday 2020 Promotion – 20% Off Discount Are you excited because it’s Black Friday?   Black Friday launches the start of the Christmas shopping season and is cited as being the busiest shopping day of the year. It always occurs on the Friday following Thanksgiving – and has been in effect since 1952!   Here at Parallels, we are thrilled to offer all new … [Read more...]

About Parallels Desktop system extensions on macOS Big Sur (and later)

Guest blog post from Dmitry Geynisman, Product Manager at Parallels You may have seen these messages from both macOS and Parallels Desktop for Mac: No worries, in this blog post I will explain the situation in detail. First, I will give you a relatively short answer about why Parallels® Desktop uses system extensions, and then more details will follow.  Parallels Desktop uses a … [Read more...]

Just released – Parallels® Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise

We are excited to announce that Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise launched today. It is the world’s first software that runs Windows directly on enterprise Chromebooks―enabling full-featured Windows apps including Microsoft Office and proprietary apps―even when there is not an Internet connection. Parallels Desktop for Chromebook Enterprise is integrated with Chrome OS and Google … [Read more...]