Redesigning Digital Infrastructure To Support Remote Workforce

Diwakar Dayal discusses why organisations need to consider redesigning their digital infrastructure to suit the new normal of work.http://bwcio.businessworld.in/article/Redesigning-Digital-Infrastructure-To-Support-Remote-Workforce/27-04-2020-190333/ … [Read more...]

Our infrastructure needs cyber protection

Dick Bussiere shares how the uptake of solar and smart technology in the grid can potentially leave the energy infrastructure more vulnerable.https://links.streem.com.au/the-australian-20200506-eez8rVC9RluP … [Read more...]

This ‘EventBot’ banking Trojan can steal money from your phone: What should you do

Adam Palmer shares his thoughts on EventBot – a banking malware capable of stealing financial information and prompting users to give access to their device accessibility services. https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/this-banking-trojan-can-steal-money-from-your-phone-what-should-you-do-6413008/ … [Read more...]

New malware can steal data from air-gapped systems

Marty Edwards discusses why air-gaps are impractical in the digitally-connected era.https://www.technologydecisions.com.au/content/security/news/new-malware-can-steal-data-from-air-gapped-systems-1518410616 … [Read more...]

Cover Story: Disruptive Potential Emerges For IoT In Australia’s Industrial Internet

Dick Bussiere discusses why Australia’s approach to IoT regulation will be important as more enterprises adopt Industrial IoT.https://which-50.com/cover-story-disruptive-potential-of-iot-in-australia-could-be-stymied-by-regulation/ … [Read more...]

Managing critical infrastructure in today’s connected world

Gary Jackson discusses why critical infrastructure remains a high-value target for cybercriminals and the physical and digital threats organisations have to think about when developing a cybersecurity strategy.https://www.defenceconnect.com.au/key-enablers/6043-op-ed-managing-critical-infrastructure-in-today-s-connected-world … [Read more...]

Securing the virtual education sector

Scott McKinnel discusses the challenges of securing the virtual learning environment as more schools rely on web-based platforms and mobile technologies to deliver lessons.https://www.educationtoday.com.au/news-detail/Securing-the-virtual-education-sector--4939 … [Read more...]

CVE-2020-10136: IP-in-IP Packet Processing Vulnerability Could Lead to DDoS, Network Access Bypass and Information Disclosure

IP-in-IP packet processing, a protocol used for tunneling by numerous vendors, contains a vulnerability that may lead to DDoS, information leakage and bypass of network access controls. Background On June 2, the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) released vulnerability note VU#636397 detailing an unauthenticated vulnerability in the IP encapsulation within IP (IP-in-IP) protocol. The original … [Read more...]

PowerShell Best Practices: Quit with the Text FIles

Instead of dropping in a bunch of computer names into a file, I strongly encourage you to think about how you’re getting those computer names and set that criteria in the script. … [Read more...]

Addressing emerging PAM use cases to protect access to SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure, and databases

With most of the global, white-collar workforce suddenly shifting to working remotely, cloud technology has emerged as a critical component to keep businesses up and running. These services are enabling people to collaborate with one another, and provide the tools they need to stay productive, enhance accessibility and create a mobile friendly environment while working remotely. While there has … [Read more...]