Securing financial data of the future: behavioral biometrics explained

Some of us would be pretty excited about a brave, new passwordless world. Gone would be the days of having to write down 27 passwords and post them beside monitor screens. Or having to yell them out loud to a colleague on the other side of the room. For banks and other financial institutions, a world without passwords may not be the end-all-be-all scenario they exactly had in mind. They have … [Read more...]

Passwords, emails and data compromised in targeted attack on an African embassy in Dublin

An African embassy is understood to have been breached for ten days in February, with cyber criminals gaining access to passwords, emails and data.   Andy Norton, intelligence threat director of Lastline, a malware protection provider, said: “We track infections from sophisticated tools. In the course of our investigation, one of the tools compromised was an African ambassador based out of … [Read more...]

Risk Intelligence: The Ultimate Way to Demonstrate GDPR Value

If you have been reading up on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)—whether from SolarWinds MSP or other sources, such as the ICO in the UK—you likely realize most MSPs and IT service providers need to bolster their security solutions. Some service providers have already started upgrading their security stack (good), offering security and GDPR-awareness training for their customers … [Read more...]

Cyber Exposure Meets Political Practicality

CyberScoop’s Opportunities for Improving Cybersecurity Visibility at State & Local Government Agencies is an outstanding summary of the current state of cyber preparedness in state and local government agencies. Like most survey summaries, it presents the results as cold, hard facts. It also, in some respects, is comparative, and in a way not unlike the study of comparative politics.   In … [Read more...]

Case Study: Parallels RAS and Automation24 GmbH

The Customer: Automation24 GmbH Automation24 GmbH (Learn more) is an online shop for automation technology. Whether mechatronics, electrical engineering, or designing, industry professionals can find all the essential standard products for automation technology on the Automation24 website. The company has established itself as a price leader for small-quantity purchase volume. Its target markets … [Read more...]

A week in security (April 16 – April 22)

Last week, we took a stroll down memory lane talking about Facebook and MySpace, noticed a change in the Magnitude exploit kit—wherein it started adopting the GandCrab ransomware, took a good look at a new form of adware that is based on Python, chatted a bit about Russian hacking with a journalist, encouraged retailers to ask the right questions to protect their business, and weighed in on a way … [Read more...]

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) Quick Installation Guide

  Throughout this blog post we will show you how to easiest and simplest way to install and configure the Parallels Remote Application Server in preparation to actually deliver applications to the users’ device.   As you can see from the above diagram, the device is connected to the internet via WAN which then passes through the firewall and connects to the Parallels Remote … [Read more...]

Phase 3 – Configuring RDSH and Publishing Agents

Phase 3 – Adding RD Session Hosts and Publishing Agents to Parallels® Remote Application Server After successfully installing Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), you can start adding RD Session Hosts. Navigate to the Start category on the left-hand side of the console; alternatively, you may also click on “View” from the top toolbar and click on “Start.” Once you have opened … [Read more...]

Phase 5 – Invite Users

Phase 5 – Invite Users to connect to Parallels® RAS Farm After RD Session Hosts have been configured and applications are published, we can invite users to connect and start using these applications. Technically speaking, clients already can connect and start using the applications published by Parallels Remote Application Server, although sending out invitation emails eases the process for … [Read more...]

Phase 2 – Parallels® Remote Application Server setup

Phase 2 – Setting Up Parallels® Remote Application Server After the successful installation of Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), you need to log in to the Parallels® RAS Console and start the configuration process. The first time you open the Console, the following box will be displayed. You need to enter the Farm name that you have created or select it from the list if you click … [Read more...]