Data Security is a Global Economic Imperative

It’s time for government and industry to define and follow a cybersecurity-first approach to protecting the precious data driving global commerce. Data makes the world go round. It’s the grease keeping the machinery of modern global commerce moving quickly and efficiently. Without it, global supply chains would grind to a halt, stock markets would cease trading, and the simplest of consumer … [Read more...]

Microsoft MVP Dave Kawula on Storage Spaces Direct [Video Interview]

Microsoft MVP Dave Kawula explains what is Storage Spaces Direct and how it can help you simplify the deployment and management of software-defined storage Read the post here: Microsoft MVP Dave Kawula on Storage Spaces Direct [Video Interview] … [Read more...]

Cyber Risk Management in Transition: Key Findings from ESG’s Cyber Risk Management Survey

A recent ESG report shows the traditional approach to cyber risk management isn’t working anymore, if in fact it ever did. Here, we share four highlights from the report and offer two steps to help improve your organization’s strategy. To gain insight into how cyber risk management is changing to support organizational missions and initiatives, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) surveyed 340 … [Read more...]

Global tensions holding back climate change fight, says WEF

After extreme weather-related events, there is ‘need for international cooperation’https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/16/global-tensions-holding-back... … [Read more...]

Trade War Tops Global Risks, World Economic Forum Report Says

Report from organizers of the Davos gathering says slowdown in China’s economy is of particular concernhttps://www.wsj.com/articles/trade-war-tops-global-risks-world-economic-forum-re... … [Read more...]

Less than half of businesses can detect IoT data breach

Only 48% of businesses have the infrastructure set up to detect whether their IoT infrastructure is open to a data breach, a report by security firm Gemalto has revealed. Firms are now asking for the government to intervene and set better regulations around IoT security to prevent potentially damaging hacks into such devices. In fact, 79% of the 950 decision makers the company spoke to said they … [Read more...]

Thycotic Ends 2018 with Record-Setting Quarter

Thycotic, provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions for more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, today announced that it has ended a stellar 2018, outperforming 2017 with a 45 percent year-over-year sales growth. In addition to its sales growth, Thycotic also added 285 new customers in Q4 alone and 858 for 2018 overall. In addition to its on-premise enterprise-class PAM solution, … [Read more...]

How cyber resilience can help you comply with the GDPR

Cyber resilience is an emerging approach to tackling the threat of data breaches and disruptions, combining elements of cyber security and business continuity management. It acknowledges that traditional approaches to cyber security are increasingly inadequate, with organisations unable to cope with the number of threats facing them. With cyber resilience, organisations don’t put all their … [Read more...]

The Greatest Mobile Security Threats Facing Enterprises

As more companies embrace the growing BYOD trend, many have started issuing mobile devices to their employees to give them more flexibility over how, when and where they can carry out their duties. However, in doing so they are opening up a number of additional security risks. The first, and most obvious risk, relates to the way employees use their devices outside of the workplace. Should an … [Read more...]

MEDIA ALERT: Tenable Co-Founder and CTO to Join Global Leaders in Davos for Cyber Future Dialogue 2019

Tenable®, Inc., the Cyber Exposure company, today announced that Renaud Deraison, the company’s co-founder and CTO, will join other global leaders in Davos, Switzerland for the Cyber Future Dialogue 2019 to discuss cybersecurity issues. … [Read more...]