Cisco Issues Patches for 4 Critical Vulnerabilities in Cisco Policy Suite

Cisco’s Policy Suite for Mobile controls billing and access control for customer devices. Root access to this suite is concerning because of the breadth of user device access. The latest batch of Cisco patches includes fixes for four critical vulnerabilities related to unauthenticated access and default credentials in the Cisco Policy Suite for the Cisco Mobility Services Engine. All four were … [Read more...]

FIPS Validated vs. FIPS Compliant

If you work in IT for a regulated industry, security is one of your top priorities. Especially when working for the government, healthcare or finance, it is extremely important that products and services adhere to government-approved security requirements to ensure that private and sensitive data is protected. … [Read more...]

The danger of third parties: ads, pipelines, and plugins

It may or may not be comforting to know that, ultimately, bulletproof security is out of your hands. You can have the most locked down PC on Earth, have two-factor authentication (2FA) set up across the board, take sensible actions to protect your personal information, and read all the EULAs under the sun. You can do all this and more, and yet still end up being compromised. How? Welcome to the … [Read more...]

How ISO 27001 can help protect your organisation

There’s a reason ISO 27001 is the go-to standard for information security. It details best practices for staying secure, covering the way you manage people, processes and technology. Certifying to ISO 27001 demonstrates that your organisation’s practices are up to scratch, and although it obviously doesn’t eradicate the risk of data breaches, it goes a long way to keeping you secure. If you do … [Read more...]

Do Your Prospects Think You’re Too Small?

Are you losing out on new deals because your prospects think you’re too small? Are you losing deals because you think you’re too small to get bigger customers?  Read More … [Read more...]

New version of Thycotic Secret Server

The new version of Thycotic 10.5 has been released, with a lot of enhancements and bug fixes so as to keep critical, high-value assets safe with multi-layered privileged account protection! Read more here Learn more about Thycotic Secret Server here … [Read more...]

How to Pump Yourself Up Before a Presentation (or Calm Yourself Down)

Public speaking affects people in different ways. Some people get jittery and anxious before they talk; they need to spend time calming themselves down before they go onstage. Read more here Source: hbr.org … [Read more...]

Why You Simply Cannot Ignore Insider Threats Anymore

At Lepide, we have been shouting about the risks posed by insider threats for years, and new research form the SANS Institute suggests that, whilst organizations are beginning to recognize this threat, budgets and incident response strategies have yet to catch up. With this in mind, we have created the below infographic – using information from SANS, IBM and the Ponemon Institute – to highlight … [Read more...]

How to block ads like a pro

In part one of this series, we had a look at a few reasons why you should be blocking online advertisements on your network and devices. From malvertising attacks and privacy-invading tracking systems to just being an outright annoyance, online ads and trackers are a nuisance that provides an attack vector for malware authors, compromise user security, and plainly, diminish the browsing … [Read more...]

Five Best Practices for Network Configuration and Change Management

When your business is growing so is your network. Even when business isn’t booming (thanks economy) your business’ infrastructure can be evolving too. What you need is a software tool that’s able to manage these network changes for you. … [Read more...]