Your Active Directory health is important. Here’s how to monitor it

To ensure that your Active Directory implementation is firing on all cylinders, you will need to perform regular maintenance tasks. The goal of this article is to outline some of the basic steps you will need to take in order to ensure that you AD is healthy. Read more at … [Read more...]

Work Friends Make Us More Productive (Except When They Stress Us Out)

Since almost the beginning of management research, we’ve known that social dynamics affect workplace performance. Indeed, one of the pivotal questions of Gallup’s famous employee engagement survey asks whether respondents “have a best friend at work.” But while friendship at work always being a good thing is a strong assumption, recent research suggests that having a close friend in the workplace … [Read more...]

Detecting SambaCry CVE-2017-7494

By Mehul Revankar We've seen several critical vulnerabilities lately. First there was WannaCry, and then WannaCry 2.0 (EternalRocks), and now do we have WannaCry 3.0? Well, not really. But a new seven-year-old remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2017-7494) that is affecting Samba versions 3.5.0 and higher is making news this week. The vulnerability is billed as the WannaCry equivalent for … [Read more...]

Kerio Operator and Kerio Control recommended by PC Pro magazine

By Melanie Hart Two Kerio products have recently been given great reviews by PC Pro magazine, one of the most trusted technology magazines in the United Kingdom. Source:: GFI TalkTechToMe-All … [Read more...]

Update to Parallels Toolbox for Mac just released!

By Kurt Schmucker We have just released an update to Parallels® Toolbox for Mac®, with four additional tools and several new features requested by users. New Tools The four new tools are shown in Figure 1. They are: Download Audio – Similar to the Download Video tool but targeted toward downloading audio from the Internet, including multiple track [...] The post Update to Parallels Toolbox for … [Read more...]

RoughTed: The anti ad-blocker malvertiser

By Jérôme Segura RoughTed is a large malvertising operation that peaked in March 2017 but has been going on for at least well over a year. It is unique for its considerable scope ranging from scams to exploit kits, targeting a wide array of users via their operating system, browser, and geolocation to deliver the appropriate payload. We estimate that the traffic via RoughTed related domains … [Read more...]

EU GDPR Final Countdown: How to Prepare Your Security Program

By Cayla Baker Gavin Millard explains the important steps CISOs need to focus on as they prepare their security programs for the EU GDPR. Source:: Tenable News … [Read more...]

NIST SP 800-171: The Compliance Window is Closing Fast

By Chris Jensen Does your company do business with the Department of Defense? Do you want that business to continue after 2017? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you need to know about Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) clause 225.204-7012 and its potential impact on your business. As of December 2015, DFARS 225.204-7012 requires contractors to implement NIST … [Read more...]

New Version of Altaro VM Backup v7.1 now available!

Altaro has recently released version 7.1 of Altaro VM Backup, including support for vSphere 6.5! Version 7.1 adds the following major features to Altaro VM Backup: Support for vSphere 6.5 Concurrency – much faster backups by allowing more VMs to be backed up at the same. You can run up to 4 concurrent backups / hypervisor* Backup Health Monitor – runs in the background and detects … [Read more...]

5 Unsettling cyberthreats

Cyberthreats are typically boring, repetitive, and require a reasonably predictable remediation process. A SQL injection is a SQL injection, no matter who’s trying it.  But what about the outliers? What about threats that impact you, but you can’t remediate, or establish a policy to cover? Here are 5 cyberthreats that if you’re not frightened by, you should be. … [Read more...]