Not only Windows on Mac – Free systems in Parallels Desktop

By Beatrice Vogel You all know that you can run Windows on your Mac with Parallels Desktop. Today, we want to show you that there is so much more to Parallels Desktop than running Windows on Mac. A large number of existing OSes can be installed in a virtual machine on the Mac with Parallels Desktop. Mac is [...] The post Not only Windows on Mac – Free systems in Parallels Desktop appeared first … [Read more...]

Tenable Network Security Acquires Container Security Company FlawCheck

By Cayla Baker Acquisition of San Francisco-based FlawCheck extends Tenable capabilities to provide comprehensive security for customers using Docker containers Tenable Network Security, Inc.®, a global leader transforming security technology for the business needs of tomorrow, announced today it has acquired FlawCheck, becoming the first vulnerability management company to provide security for … [Read more...]

What’s Your ‘App’-titude this Cyber Security Awareness Month?

By Joseph Carson Our lives have never been more connected online than ever before with more than 3.5 billion Internet users worldwide, making it just under half the population on earth. That includes, 6 billion email accounts, 2 billion smartphones, 1 billion apple users, 1 billion Gmail accounts, 1.7 billion Facebook accounts, and 300 million Twitter accounts who tweet 7,350 times per second, … [Read more...]

How to Monitor Hyper-V with Nagios

By Eric Siron Monitor Hyper-V with the Free monitoring tool Nagios Core. Monitor Windows boxes, Linux systems, network switches, and network connected items. Read the post here: How to Monitor Hyper-V with Nagios Source:: altaro … [Read more...]

E-waste Regulations: Sustainable, Green, and Secure

By Jacqueline Lee When disposing of electronic equipment, IT has to think not only about environmentally friendly disposal but also compliance concerns. For example, HIPAA regulations, as explained by HealthITSecurity, require entities that handle personal health information (PHI) to protect PHI during the disposal process. IT can either overwrite PHI or purge it, through degaussing or strong … [Read more...]

New ways to connect: MAPI over HTTP

By Casper Manes With the workforce going mobile, connecting with on-site Exchange servers became a challenge. This new protocol provides a secure and reliable solution. Source:: GFI TalkTechToMe-All … [Read more...]

Mr. Robot and Your Crown Jewels

By Matt Hand Through Season 2 of Mr. Robot, we saw the aftermath of the 5/9 hacks and gained more of an understanding of what roles each character plays in the attack. While last season focused on gaining initial entry to E Corp, this season showed what happens after the initial breach. Many security professionals spend huge amounts of time, effort, and money on trying to prevent malicious … [Read more...]

Can Your Network Handle Blended Learning?

By Gregory Tompkins The team that leads the enterprise network infrastructure services division at the largest school system in Georgia gets graded on network performance and high availability. With 140 schools in the district to support, earning a passing grade is no easy feat. Requirements for Online Testing The school district falls under the Milestones Assessment System for standardized … [Read more...]

Parallels Founder at the Experts to Experts Virtualization Conference

By Giorgio Bonuccelli The Experts to Experts Virtualization Conference has a reputation as one of the foremost technical events when it comes to virtualization in all its forms, and draws experts from around the world. From November 18 to 20, world leaders in virtualization will meet at the H10 Roma Citta Hotel in Rome to learn and share [...] The post Parallels Founder at the Experts to Experts … [Read more...]

VSA and Evaluating the Security of Third-Party Providers

By Greg Griffiths For efficiency and expertise, businesses are more reliant on third-party services than ever. As this reliance grows, so does the likelihood that these trusted third parties will have access to business-critical network segments, equipment and data. Vendor evaluation can be a drawn-out process – with interviews, forms, certificates, even audits – that often involves several … [Read more...]