How ransomware gangs are connected, sharing resources and tactics

Many of us who read the news daily encounter a regular drum beat of ransomware stories that are both worrying and heartbreaking. And what many of us don’t realize is that they are often interconnected. Some of the gangs behind the ransomware campaigns that we read about have established a relationship among each other that can be described as “being in league with each other”, yet they lack … [Read more...]

How bitcoin payments unmasked a man who hired a Dark Web contract killer

An Italian citizen’s apparent attempt to hire a hitman on the Dark Web has been undone by clever analysis of his Bitcoin transactions. The man, who is reported to be an IT worker employed by a major corporation, is alleged to have paid the hitman to assassinate his former girlfriend. What happened? According to a news article published by European policing entity Europol on April 7, … [Read more...]

Beating security fatigue with Troy Hunt, Chloé Messdaghi, and Tanya Janca: Lock and Code S02E06

This week on Lock and Code, we discuss the top security headlines generated right here on Labs. In addition, we speak to Point3 Security chief strategist Chloé Messdaghi, HaveIBeenPwned founder Troy Hunt, and We Hack Purple founder and CEO Tanya Janca about security fatigue. Security fatigue is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the limit we all reach when security best practices become … [Read more...]

The Best Virtual Machine for Windows 10

Which hypervisor provides the best virtual machine for Windows 10 and other operating systems? Let's compare and find the answer. Read the post here: The Best Virtual Machine for Windows 10 … [Read more...]

Millions of Chrome users quietly added to Google’s FLoC pilot

Last month, Google began a test pilot of its Federated Learning of Cohorts—or FLoC—program, which the company has advertised as the newest, privacy-preserving alternative in Google Chrome to the infamous third-party cookie. Sounds promising, right? Well, about that. Despite Google’s rhetoric about maintaining user privacy, its FLoC trial leaves much to be desired. Google Chrome users had no … [Read more...]

Cryptomining containers caught coining cryptocurrency covertly

In traditional software development, programmers code an application in one computing environment before deploying it to a similar, but often slightly different environment. This leads to bugs or errors that only show up when the software is deployed—exactly when you need them least. To solve for this, modern developers often bundle their applications together with all of the configuration files, … [Read more...]

CVE-2018-13379, CVE-2019-5591, CVE-2020-12812: Fortinet Vulnerabilities Targeted by APT Actors

Threat actors and ransomware groups are actively targeting three legacy Fortinet vulnerabilities. Background On April 2, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) along with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a joint cybersecurity advisory regarding activity involving advanced persistent threat (APT) actors. In March 2021, the FBI and CISA observed APT actors … [Read more...]

Busting 5 Common Myths About Vulnerability Assessment

Don't let misconceptions stand in your way – get the facts on five common myths about vulnerability assessment. The simple truth of vulnerability assessment is that it's not always an easy task to accomplish, especially if you're new to it. Complications arise, and if you sometimes find yourself confused by one part of the process or another as a result, that's nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, … [Read more...]

Zoom zero-day discovery makes calls safer, hackers $200,000 richer

Two Dutch white-hat security specialists entered the annual computer hacking contest Pwn2Own, managed to find a Remote Code Execution (RCE) flaw in Zoom and are $200,000 USD better off than they were before. Pwn2Own Pwn2Own is a high profile event organized by the Zero Day Initiative that challenges hackers to find serious new vulnerabilities in commonly used software and mobile devices. The … [Read more...]

SAP warns of malicious activity targeting unpatched systems

A timely warning to keep systems patched has appeared, via a jointly-released report from Onapsis and SAP. The report details how threat actors are “targeting and potentially exploiting unprotected mission-critical SAP applications”. Some of the vulnerabilities used were weaponised fewer than 72 hours after patches are released. In some cases, a newly deployed SAP instance could be compromised in … [Read more...]