Filesystems vs. Databases

Originally written January 2009, updated February 2019 It’s interesting to see how databases have come a long way and have clearly out-shadowed file-systems for storing structured or unstructured information.Technically, both of them support the basic features necessary for data access. For example, both of them: Ensure data is managed to ensure its integrity and quality Allow shared access … [Read more...]

Security Is a Corporate Posture

Are you confident in your own technology? We are all quick to answer “yes,” but what about your corporate culture? Is security embedded in your company’s values and thinking? It’s worth taking a deeper look at your approach to security – challenge your own point of view, leverage external perspectives and talk through questions you may have previously dismissed. Information security is of … [Read more...]

Tackling the shortage in skilled IT staff: whole team security

Is your IT department understaffed, overworked, and are you looking for reinforcements in vain? Maybe these hard-to-hire reinforcements can be hired from within, rather than having to outsource or hire expensive, short-term extra help. While this was usually only done if your own staff was falling too far behind, the burden of the shortage of skilled IT staff in the workforce is starting to take … [Read more...]

Top 10 Critical Skills Every vSphere System Administrator Should Know

After more than a decade in the industry, I've identified 10 key skills every vSphere System Admin needs in their locker. How many can you tick off? Read the post here: Top 10 Critical Skills Every vSphere System Administrator Should Know … [Read more...]

Protecting O365 and G Suite Email—A Layered Approach 

It’s no secret that technology giants Microsoft and Google have the biggest market share globally in terms of their office suite technology. According to … [Read more...]

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

Find out what Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is, what it can do, and how you should use it. Guide to key features, applications, and links to further reading Read the post here: Introduction to Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) … [Read more...]

HIPAA Compliance: A Guide to Meeting HIPAA Requirements

This is a quick guide to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and how you can become HIPAA compliant this year. We will take you through a short definition of HIPAA compliance, as well as go through the data security related fundamentals of this compliance requirement. What is HIPAA Compliance? So, the first thing you might be asking yourself is; what is HIPAA … [Read more...]

We Are Excited to Welcome Ohad Mandelbaum as Perimeter 81’s New VP of Global Sales

Reading Time: 1 minuteOhad has more than 15+ years of international management, sales and business development responsibilities where he has built and managed small and large teams across four different continents. Prior to joining Perimeter 81, Ohad was the SVP of Global Sales at a medical device company BrainsWay, a publicly traded company, and as VP Sales & … The post We Are Excited … [Read more...]

What is an information security policy?

An information security policy is a set of instructions that an organisation gives its staff to help them prevent data breaches. Employees are involved in many of the most common causes of security incidents, whether directly (such as accidental breaches) or indirectly (such as phishing scams), so thorough guidelines are essential. How do you create information security policies? Your … [Read more...]

Should you delete yourself from social media?

You’re feeling like you’ve had enough. All the recent news—from Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica snafu to various abuses of Twitter vulnerabilities—has you wondering: Should I delete myself from social media? Social networking does have its positive aspects. You can stay in touch with distant (or not) relatives, be included in the planning of social events within your circle of … [Read more...]