Is it File Sharing or Oversharing?

By Aaron Kelly There's no shortage of file sharing options like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive — but how safe are these cloud-based repositories when it comes to protecting data? What kind of visibility do IT pros have? And does using them without IT oversight essentially boil down to oversharing?For perspective, let's take a look at some survey data we collected from 600 IT pros about how their … [Read more...]

Dated IT Infrastructure? Six Warning Signs You’ve Been Missing

By Rick Robinson Is your IT infrastructure starting to get on a bit in years? Perhaps what got you thinking about this is the stone archway over the server room door, the one with the carved inscription, IT INFRASTRVCTVRE.So you say to yourself that you don't really need all the shiniest new hardware and software just to complete basic infrastructure tasks such as file transfers. You just need … [Read more...]

Introduction to PowerShell Direct

By Richard Siddaway Run PowerShell code against a VM from your Hyper-V host with PowerShell Direct, a new feature in Windows Server 2016. No networking required!Read the post here: Introduction to PowerShell Direct Source:: altaro … [Read more...]

GFI OneGuard (Beta) introduces a new view on system administration

By Vladimir Ceric Today we are launching a beta version of our newest product, a platform that will provide a complete and centralized protection of your IT infrastructure from viruses, malware, vulnerabilities and other cyber threats. Source:: GFI TalkTechToMe-All … [Read more...]

Top 3 Cybersecurity Challenges Facing the Finance Sector in 2017

By Carlos Soto The finance sector is no stranger to adversity. Financial service organizations have been beleaguered by recessions, lackluster stock prices, unprecedented competition, tough new regulations, and constant cyberattacks. In fact, these recent challenges have changed the entire industry. Battle-tested, the organizations that survived this chaotic time are poised to flex their leaner, … [Read more...]

Whatever you do, stop using Excel for Password Management Now

By Jordan True Is your organization still using Excel to manage the keys to the kingdom? You're not alone, but storing privileged account passwords and credentials in a spreadsheet poses a serious security risk. First and foremost, Excel was never intended to be a password manager. Strong mathematical functionality does not mean you can expect strong security features. Privileged accounts and … [Read more...]

How to use your Parallels Desktop for Mac Trial

By Megan Spurr Need more information on the 14 day Parallels trial? You've found yourself in that sticky situation: You love your Mac, but there is that one program on Windows that you just can't do without. Sure, you could buy a PC to run that software – but that is a lot of money up front just to [...] The post How to use your Parallels Desktop for Mac Trial appeared first on Parallels Blog. … [Read more...]

How to Secure Data in Motion

By Richard Allen While it's important to secure data no matter where it lives, data in motion is at its most vulnerable for hackers and needs to be a focus point for your security and compliance efforts.Data in motion has to contend with human error, network failures, insecure file sharing, malicious actions and more. Almost every business has data that needs to be transferred outside protected … [Read more...]

Global Cybersecurity Confidence Declines

By Nicole Cieslak The newly released 2017 Tenable Network Security Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card, with research conducted by CyberEdge Group, updates findings from the 2016 Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card. With the addition of France, India and Japan, Tenable surveyed 700 security practitioners from nine different countries across seven industry verticals. The report … [Read more...]

Security pros most worried about clouds, mobile

By Cayla Baker Maria Korolov of CSO breaks down the key findings of Tenable Network Security's second-annual Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card. Cris Thomas also explains why security professionals may be feeling less confident in their abilities than last year. Source:: Tenable News … [Read more...]