Indictment of Iranian Hackers Highlights Data Security Concerns

US Government officials have announced a round of sanctions and criminal indictments against an alleged Iranian hacker network that targeted hundreds of universities, businesses, NGOs, and Government organizations world-wide. … [Read more...]

How the Cloud Impacts Data Management

Data management has never been more of a challenge. The sheer volume of data is increasing at a staggering rate. Some of it is beneficial, much of it is irrelevant, and a disturbing portion of it is dark and potentially dangerous. Data ownership is fragmented — different business silos often maintain their own information instead of taking a centralized approach. Best practices such as master data … [Read more...]

Defrag This – Top 7 GDPR Myths

GDPR is right around the corner in May, so let's defrag some of the myths associated with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  … [Read more...]

“Celebrating Stephen Hawking” with a 419 scam

The recently departed Stephen Hawking is apparently back from the dead, now a target for scammers wanting to extract some quick cash from the unwary in the form of a vaguely surreal 419 scam. The whole thing begins with an email from, er, Stephen Hawking titled “Celebrating Stephen Hawking.” Click to enlarge The body text is a slightly mangled swipe job from this AP article over on … [Read more...]

When good patches go bad and how to troubleshoot them

It’s inevitable, with software vendors rushing to get them out and installed before large numbers of computers are victimized, that some updates will be released with bugs that cause problems. … [Read more...]

Three Ways MailStore Makes Your Job Easier

Unless your business is stuck in the pen & paper generation, chances are you deal with lots…and LOTS of email on a daily basis, to the point where your Inbox is bloated and out of control, causing your email client, and even your mail server, to run frustratingly slow. The solution is to implement an archiving solution such as MailStore.With MailStore, all those emails that pile up on the … [Read more...]

The CEO loves his iPad – this is why you should love it too!

What’s significant for MSPs and IT admins about the date October 23, 2001? Some would say it’s the date Apple® started its roll into the business arena. The release of the first iPod may not have seemed much at first glance, but Apple’s move into the music business was a big thing.  Read More … [Read more...]

The Problem of Privilege Management in Data Security

I was writing a whitepaper recently on privilege abuse and I noticed spellcheck had picked up on a typo on the word ‘privilege.’ I right clicked, and the thesaurus gave me some possible alternatives which really made me think about what it is for a user to be privileged. Figure 1: Definition of ‘Privilege’   Imagine if we actually thought about the people we are granting privileged access to … [Read more...]

4G LTE vulnerabilities leave users open to attack

A team of researchers have uncovered critical flaws in 4G LTE protocol that could be exploited to intercept phone calls and text messages, knock devices offline, track devices’ locations and spoof emergency alerts. The vulnerabilities, which were identified in a research paper by Purdue University’s Syed Rafiul Hussain, Shagufta Mehnaz and Elisa Bertino, and the University of Iowa’s Omar … [Read more...]

How Being a Workaholic Differs from Working Long Hours — and Why That Matters for Your Health

Hanna, a finance director at an international home care retailer, works long hours. She’s usually in the office from 9am to 5pm, but at home, when her three children go to sleep, she’ll work another four hours, not closing her laptop until midnight. She sometimes also works on weekends. But even though she works 60 to 65 hours per week, she told us that she can “switch off” when she needs to, and … [Read more...]