Going dark: encryption and law enforcement

We’re hearing it a lot lately: encryption is an insurmountable roadblock between law enforcement and keeping us safe. They can’t gather intelligence on terrorists because they use encryption. They can’t convict criminals because they won’t hand over encryption keys. They can’t stop bad things from happening because bad guys won’t unlock their phones. Therefore—strictly to keep us safe—the tech … [Read more...]

How People with Different Conflict Styles Can Work Together

When it comes to conflict, most of us have a default approach: we either tend to avoid it or seek it out. The avoiders among us shy away from disagreements, value harmony and positive relationships, and will often try to placate people or even change the topic. Avoiders don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or disrupt team dynamics. Seekers (and I’m one of them!) seem eager to engage in … [Read more...]

FBI: Smart toys could harm children’s privacy and physical safety

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Addressing an age-old security threat: Laziness

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Going dark: encryption and law enforcement

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4 Important Azure IaaS features Webinar – Q & A Follow-Up

By Andy Syrewicze If you missed the webinar '4 Important Azure IaaS features', you can find the session recording along with the slide deck plus more questions answered here.Read the post here: 4 Important Azure IaaS features Webinar – Q & A Follow-Up Source:: altaro … [Read more...]

Top 5 privileged account security reports CISOs must have: What computers in Active Directory no longer exist?

By RJ Gazarek When you know which computers in Active Directory no longer exist or have been decommissioned, you can quickly take action to protect your organization from the multitude of risks presented by unknown or unmanaged systems and accounts. Hackers target your privileged account credentials for good reason. Once they gain access, they can escalate their privileges and move through your … [Read more...]

Bye, bye Petya! Decryptor for old versions released.

By Malwarebytes Labs Following the outbreak of the Petya-based malware in Ukraine, the author of the original version, Janus, decided to release his master key, probably closing the project. You can read the full story here. Based on the released key, we prepared a decryptor that is capable of unlocking all the legitimate versions of Petya (read more about identifying Petyas): Red Petya Green … [Read more...]

A week in security (July 17 – July 23)

By Malwarebytes Labs Over the last week, we have covered Play Protect, android's new security system and how the Dutch police ran Hansa Market after the take down of Alpha Bay, both major players on the Dark Web. We also provided some tips on how to stay cyber safe this summer. We also saw how the Terror exploit kit started dabbling in ad fraud, more specifically URL shortener fraud. And last … [Read more...]

Tenable Delivers Record Results in Q2 and the First Half of 2017

By Cayla Baker Explosive global demand fuels over 50 percent billings growth Tenable Network Security®, Inc., the Cyber Exposure company, today announced record second quarter results with over $50 million in billings, which represents over 50 percent growth year-over-year. Tenable's record results make it one of the world's largest and fastest-growing private cybersecurity companies and … [Read more...]