Ways to Ensure Data Protection and Secure File Sharing of Personal Data

In today's age of the Internet, our personal data are stored on various servers, and they are continuously moving around. We need to realize how are the data handled, why it is like that, and how the process for data protection can be improved. Is there anything we can do to prevent big companies from mishandling our personal information? Is there anything the companies can actually … [Read more...]

File-sharing and cloud storage sites: How safe are they?

There it is again—that annoying message that pops up when your email client informs you that a file is too big to attach. Those of us that are confronted with this problem on a regular basis—and those of us that want to attach files that could get picked up by anti-malware scanners along the way—have probably resorted to using file-sharing sites to help solve this issue. But is file-sharing … [Read more...]

Security Consultants: Optimize Your Service Offerings with Nessus Professional

Security consultants can readily meet clients' specific needs and grow their businesses with help from Nessus Professional.  As a cybersecurity consultant, you're in a unique position: You encounter just about every type of cyberthreat out there – and, often enough, find brand-new dangers in the virtual wild. You need to help protect all of your clients against these growing threats, while also … [Read more...]

Windows Server 2019 Essentials vs Standard

Windows Server 2019 Essentials provides capabilities for small to medium-sized businesses. How does it compare to Windows Server 2019 Standard? Let's see. Read the post here: Windows Server 2019 Essentials vs Standard … [Read more...]

TAP Blog Series: Multi-SaaS Management—The Time for Next Generation Remote Management Has Arrived

Everyone in the IT world, especially service providers, knew that digital transformation was in motion, but before this year it seemed (for the most part) to be moving at a relatively comfortable pace. Nobody expected the boost Covid-19 would give it. Before the advent of digital transformation, everyone from small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to enterprise-level organizations operated in … [Read more...]

VideoBytes: Is it goodbye forever to Maze ransomware?

Hello Folks! In this Videobyte we’re talking about Maze ransomware and whether or not its shutting down, and what that means for the cybercrime world. The notorious Maze ransomware group, known for its corporate targeting and data leaking extortion schemes is, apparently, shutting down operations. Rumors began months ago that Maze was shutting down, as many affiliates who helped … [Read more...]

How a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) Can Protect Your Business

As the world’s dependency on the internet continues to increase, so do the risks and threats to our security. For a business or MSP to achieve growth, it must first have a secure environment. Ensuring a business can operate securely online creates a foundation for growth by: Read More … [Read more...]

How to Protect Your macOS Endpoints with Shift from KEXT to SYSEX

Cue music: Ch-Ch-Cha-Changes In recent macOS releases, Apple has been drawing attention to third-party software that uses technology like kernel extensions and system extensions. This technology allows users to install components or apps that extend the native capabilities of the macOS operating system. Apple’s deprecation of kernel extensions (KEXTs) and introduction of Endpoint Security Enabled … [Read more...]

Cyber-Security vs Cyber-Resilience

While the difference between cyber-security and cyber-resilience might not be obvious to some, the implications of failing to address both are significant. In simple terms, cyber-security describes an organization’s ability to protect themselves from security threats, such as malware, phishing, DDoS, SQL injection and insider threats. Cyber-resilience, on the other hand, focuses more on … [Read more...]