Managing Azure Blueprints with PowerShell

Azure Blueprints provide a "one-stop shop" for Azure governance. By implementing JSON templates and a controlled, unified workflow, Azure administrators can define, deploy, enforce, and maintain standardized Azure environments. … [Read more...]

Growing rate of robocalls threatens user privacy

When a person sees a call from an unknown number and picks up to hear a recorded voice on the other end, they’ve received a robocall. Some are helpful, such as reminders of upcoming doctor’s appointments or school announcements. However, the vast majority are from unsolicited parties trying to convince people to purchase products or services, or to disclose personal information. … [Read more...]

How to Create Active Directory PowerShell Scripts

<p>PowerShell scripts can help managed services providers (MSP) looking to streamline their operations and accomplish tasks across multiple devices within Active Directory. With the right PowerShell script, MSPs can automatically delete accounts, edit groups, add new users, and much more. &nbsp;</p> <h3><b>What are Active Directory PowerShell … [Read more...]

SharePoint Document Best Practices

Businesses of all sizes use Microsoft® SharePoint® for cross-distance collaboration and file creation. SharePoint’s cloud-based approach means it offers a more sophisticated setting for mobile and remote teamwork than traditional document-sharing programs. But although SharePoint uses an intuitive, nontechnical interface, its many services—especially security options—mean that managed services … [Read more...]

This Is How Public-Private Partnerships Strengthen Grid Security

In recent years, the increased availability of IoT and OT devices has enabled the electric grid to operate more efficiently. But, these devices also expand the cyber threat landscape, creating prime targets for cybercriminals. Connected devices – and the infrastructure that supports them – open the grid to hackers. And, the potential consequences are serious. For example, a major disruption to the … [Read more...]

Protect your organisation by building a security-minded culture

Human behaviour is complex and inconsistent, making it a rich hunting ground for would-be criminal hackers and a significant risk to the security of your organisation.  In Build a Security Culture, security consultant and trainer Kai Roer discusses the human and cultural factors in organisational security, and explains how to ensure your organisation is set up to manage and deter malicious … [Read more...]

The MacBook Pro Flight Ban – What Your Employees Should Know Before Boarding a Flight

Like a lot of companies these days, you probably have a growing number of Mac® users in your organization. If those employees go on business trips, you’ll want to inform them of the recent MacBook Pro® flight bans that are being implemented in several airports around the world, as well as provide them with tips on how to address the issue. After all, you wouldn’t want them held up while boarding a … [Read more...]

CVE-2019-7609: Exploit Script Available for Kibana Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

An exploit script for the previously patched Kibana vulnerability is now available on GitHub. Background On October 21, an exploit script was published to GitHub for a patched vulnerability in Kibana, the open-source data visualization plugin for Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch and Kibana are part of the popular Elastic Stack (also known as ELK Stack), a series of open-source applications used for … [Read more...]

The forgotten domain: Exploring a link between Magecart Group 5 and the Carbanak APT

This blog post was authored by Jérôme Segura, William Tsing, and Adam Thomas. In a previous post, we described the possible overlap between certain domains registered by Magecart Group 4 and the Cobalt gang. While attribution is always a difficult endeavor, sharing TTPs can help others to connect the dots between campaigns observed in the wild and threat groups. This time, we looked at … [Read more...]

Managing Your MSP across Different Time Zones

Running any business across multiple regions can be problematic. Whether you run an internal IT department or provide outsourced IT services to clients with end users in multiple regions and time zones, the challenges are real. What can you do to manage this and ensure you deliver the best service across those varying zones? Being available Read More … [Read more...]