A major step forward in Office 365 data imports

Microsoft has announced the availability of the new PowerShell Exchange Online cmdlets. These commands are used to retrieve data in bulk from Office 3... Continue reading … [Read more...]

A Look at What Makes a Vulnerability Survive in the Remediation Race

In the first of our three-part series, Tenable Research unveils the key findings from our new report on common persistent vulnerabilities, including their likely causes and the importance of prioritization to effectively reduce cyber risk. Why do some vulnerabilities persist longer than others? And how should that influence your remediation process?  In its latest report, Tenable Research looks at … [Read more...]

Why Phishing Succeeds—and How to Keep Your Customers Safe

Email attacks have been one of the top methods of attacking users online for years. Many people think they won’t fall victim. However, these attacks haven’t stopped—they continue each year because they’re successful. Today, we’ll talk about some of the reasons why these threats succeed and what you can do to help prevent them.  Statistics Read More … [Read more...]

Sodinokibi ransomware gang auctions off stolen data

Is it legal to buy stolen data from criminals? In most countries the answer would be no. But will it lead to a penalty or a fine? That is a different question and I’m afraid some companies and organizations will be inclined to seriously consider the last question even when they know the answer to the first one. Maybe we can at least agree that it is not ethical or recommended. Why are we asking … [Read more...]

New LNK attack tied to Higaisa APT discovered

This post was authored by Hossein Jazi and Jérôme Segura On May 29th, we identified an attack that we believe is part of a new campaign from an Advanced Persistent Threat actor known as Higaisa. The Higaisa APT is believed to be tied to the Korean peninsula, and was first disclosed by Tencent Security Threat Intelligence Center in early 2019. The group’s activities go back to at least … [Read more...]

Your Office/Microsoft 365 Security Questions Answered

Security has never been more vital due to huge rise in remote working. Here are the most pressing Office/Microsoft 365 security questions answered Read the post here: Your Office/Microsoft 365 Security Questions Answered … [Read more...]

VIDEO: Partner Perspectives with meinAdmin

In this next edition of Partner Perspectives, host Colin Knox has an in-depth discussion with Patrick Jäger, founder and CEO of meinAdmin, on their evolution from break/fix to becoming a full MSP, along with some great COVID-19 coping tips.   Read More … [Read more...]

A New Approach to Modern Enterprise Access Management

Earlier this week, we publicly announced the acquisition of Onion ID—a San Francisco-based identity and privileged access management (PAM) company. The acquisition marks a significant milestone in Thycotic’s strategic direction as a PAM company. Over the past several years, we have driven innovation through a multi-stage product roadmap designed to help companies adopt PAM and embed privileged … [Read more...]

How Infonomics Can Help You Determine Your Security Budget and Assess Your Financial Risk

Data is the lifeblood of any organization, yet many CISOs still struggle to convey the financial risks associated with the loss or theft of that data. Data breaches continue to dominate the headlines with alarming regularity and new the challenges arising from global shifts in work habits are creating a growing number of risks that organizations have to deal with. These new challenges bring with … [Read more...]

How to Use OpenSSL to Generate Certificates

OpenSSL has been one of the most widely used certificate management and generation pieces of software for much of modern computing. … [Read more...]