Cloudflare’s new DNS service

Are you looking for a free way to speed up your internet and gain some extra privacy in the process? Keep reading, because Cloudflare (the Web Performance & Security Company) is offering a free new DNS service. And it helped me improve the speed of my DNS lookups. What is DNS? DNS is short for Domain Name System. It is an internet protocol that allows user systems to use domain names/URLs to … [Read more...]

Phase 1 – Installing Parallels® Remote Application Server.

To start using Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), you have to download the application. Parallels® RAS Installation Once you download the installation file, it will usually be located on the Downloads folder. Double-click on the file to run the installation. The Wizard shows brief information about the installation process for Parallels RAS. Click on “Next” to continue.   The second … [Read more...]

Just 38% of Irish websites are ready for the GDPR

Research carried out by vpnMentor shows that 38% of Irish websites are ready, which leaves 62% that are not yet ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The company tested more than 2,500 websites in the EU that need to comply with the GDPR, targeting those that use MailChimp and reviewing their privacy policies to see if they complied. 100 websites were sampled in each country; of … [Read more...]

Defrag This – What Can We Learn From the Iranian Phishing Attack

Are you guilty of having one of your passwords set to “Password123” or something similar? Well you’re not alone. Having these easy to guess passwords is what allowed the Iranian hackers to gain over 13 billion pages of information. … [Read more...]

Big data organisations have given us a “crisis of confidence”

People are being manipulated by organisations that collect vast amounts of personal data, according to a report by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS). Giovanni Butarelli, who heads the independent institution, acknowledged the benefits of being able to store and analyse huge volumes of data, but warned that current data collection practices have led to a “crisis of confidence”, with … [Read more...]

Thycotic Secret Server & Nessus in coexistence

Orthology Ltd consists of specialized and certified IT professionals which focus on delivering software solutions! This time, we are here to announce the coexistence of two professional software which combine powerful safety and control! ''Thycotic secret server is an entreprice password management software and Nessus Manager is a powerful detection, scanner and auditing software. Both have … [Read more...]

Looking to reduce GDPR liability, Facebook ports 1.5B non-U.S. users to domestic HQ

In an effort to reduce its liability under Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to take effect in May, Facebook has transferred responsibility for more than 1.5 billion users in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia from its Ireland-based headquarters to its domestic headquarters in California. ''We apply the same privacy protections everywhere....the company said in … [Read more...]

W. Curtis Preston (aka “Mr. Backup”) Joins Druva

Why in the world did someone like me who has never worked for a vendor finally decide to work for one? More to the point: Why did I choose Druva? The short answer is that I believe Druva is the company that’s best situated to take advantage of the coming cloud revolution. Druva’s Time Has ComeI like to say that Druva was a product before its time, but now its time has come. Druva did a lot of … [Read more...]

Perspectives on Russian hacking

Russia is an endlessly fascinating subject both in and around infosec. Recent years have shifted attention away from pure malware capabilities, to psyops, social engineering, and an endless slew of mind games designed to destabilize and keep nations ever-so-slightly off balance. Security firms in some countries claim Russia would “win” in a so-called cyber war; elsewhere, whole nations … [Read more...]

How to Use MOVEit Automation with Amazon S3

We're excited to announce that MOVEit Automation can now access Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) buckets as native hosts! … [Read more...]